Which string?


Hi team,

So I’m looking to get several packs of strings for my Speeder. I’ve seen Mondo or Highlites as makes. Any recommendations? Thanks, Jon.

(JM) #2

Try Element Strings from GM User. They are awesome.


you should probably post this in the general section…but
generally strings are just preference. just buy a few 5 packs and see what you like best.
i feel the poly strings are just a kind of okay at everything not great at anything kind of string (again thats just me) but they are good all around string.
just experiment and see what fits your playstyle best. :slight_smile:


yeah buy a few packs of each and which ever one you like just buy more of that one

(Mitch) #5

I personaly am in love with Jeromy K’s PF string… Send him a PM. He has good prices


You make me feel embarassed. ::slight_smile: :-[

(winterjibber) #7

i like alchemy string

(JM) #8

Your strings are awesome dude, what can I say?


Everything that you did say! :slight_smile:

I like Perfect Fit Strings. But I think Element Strings would be a good buy as well.

(Shisaki) #10

I like PF stirng and element string but I just find nylon too rough for me EXCEPT frozen fire stirng. 50% nylon and has this nice slippery feel, just the string tension ain’t that great. No offence titanium. I prefer any kind of G-string except TH, too thin.


Thanks for the info, living in the UK can you recommend any UK websites for strings? Failing that can you post a link to your U.S. sites and I’ll find the equivilant. Cheers, Jon.

(Jamesofyoyo) #12

lol! Fixed and ajusted to what he meant to say. lol! Element strings rock!

(Shisaki) #13

G-string ships world wide

(JonasK) #14

G-string also ships with letter mail, which takes ages to arrive.


Elements really are great. You can see it, too. YoYoNation Highlights for me snap and have the wear-and-tear to easily. Mondos are pretty good. Perfect Fit, well, have a perfect fit! I reccommend

Elements or Perfect Fit.


I’ve seen guy’s win worlds with YYN highlights. And G-string and YYG dayglow. They are all poly and all good. The only reason they snap is because you have had them on for too long. I got through string (no matter what kind) in about an hour. Then its time for new ones.

Now if you want some killer blend strings then Chaos strings are the best. They are what comes on the onedrop yo’s. I reccomend the 122’s. They last longer and still feel like a poly. Thats what 1drop uses.


(Shisaki) #17

You go thru G-string in one day :o. But yea, if you want poly string get G-string Intentus or SSE and Chaos 122, if you wany poly/nylon get Element, PF string, or Frozen fire, if you want Cotton/poly get G-string CC FOR SURE!

(empirestrings) #18

I’m in a rough spot now due to personal problems but I will have my more empire strings up for testers soon!!! I might be able to send you some…

(TechyThrower92) #19

Well i like like my string to have loud colors and has durability. So I’ll have to say YYN Highlights. I also like Perfect Fit string