Buying Yo-Yo String!!!

Hi, I’m looking to try some more yoyo strings because my yyn highlights aren’t working too good and I want to try some others. So if any of you have some nice homemade strings I would be willing to buy some and if you want I’ll review it for you!


Ask Gm user, he sells element strings.

Happy Throwing! =]

You should just shoot gm user and Jeromy K some PMs. They both make and sell string. Empirestrings used to be here, but is more or less gone.

Addment: Empirestrings are pretty thin too.

i can vouch for th quality of gm user’s element strings. very good stuff. also a very good, handmade, thin poly can be had for cheap at the guy who makes them is very nice.

Buy some of my string! It’s called threadz! Theres some info in another BST topic titled official release of threadz on yoyoexpert.

You could be a pal and try my strings?

i asked you could i try your string and you said no

I mean buy, like hes trying different strings than yoyonation highlights. So he can be a pal and try my strings instead of yoyonation highlights.

i got some frozen fires to start and i love them but i will deffinately try some more so thanks for giving me some leads  ;D and btw check out my review on them here,5919.0.html