Strings - Whats best?!

Hey everyone,

There’s so many different types of strings out there. I mostly do string tricks. So which type do I get? It gets kind of confusing as to which ones work best for what styles of play. Can you guys clear things up for me?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Really any of them will work for anything. G-string is said to be some of the best stuff out there, but it’s expensive. I would recommend you just getting several different 5-packs and try all sorts of kinds out.

Just try different things out. The string market is full of different types.

I use yellow yoyonation Highlights

Well, here we have a few people that sell string too… We’ve got Jeromy K. with his Perfect Fit String, GM User with his Element String… Lots of people are starting to make string and sell it. I’m not sure if Titanium221 ever started selling Frozen Fire String, I was a reviewer.

I like my custom made SS strings that are made for me. Its all up to preference.

Element strings ;D

I’ve played with g-string, and it’s amazing. This guy had been playing with the same one for 2 months, and it felt like new. Yoyonation orange highlights are great once you break them in (takes like 30 min., but worth it)

i recommend 100% polyester or 50/50 or element ive heard its great