i just wanted to know what strings you guys use.
i just bought mondos, slick 6, and some alchemy strings. i am supposed to be getting some elements soon, just gotta mail the money.
i have never tried anything except for 100% polly and cotton.

so what is your favorite strings to use and what style do you play (tech, fast, smooth, slack…)

i sure would like to try element or perfect fit but i also like yoyoguy day glow it feels right for me better than highlights and i do slacks and whips

I have a couple that I made from cotton covered polyester. I love it very much because it’s soft and lasts a long time. Outside of that I use 100% cotton and some other stuff that I’m not sure about.

I’ve used lots, but polys seemed to work best for me.

I bough 300 of those before I started making Elements, so I’m still trying to ware them out.

But I’ve used too many to list really…

My favorites are Elements though.

Element strings for sure.

My play style is mostly smooth to tech, almost like poppin’ and lockin’. I’m getting into more complicated slacks and these strings make it much easier on me.


Smooth and flow.

My Fav. Poleyester string is G-string Intentus and SSE and my Favorite Poly/nylon blend is Element strings amde by GM :).

I use standard White type 6 50/50 slick strings.

I have used many other strings and these just work the best for me.

I use them for all the styles I do.

1A: Many different slacks, suicides, and bucket combos, anything that ends in something different.

2A: Different loop combos, Unique wraps.

3A: Still trying to find my own style, mainly influenced by Masanobu Iwata.

4A: I just love flashy whips and different types of catches.

5A: Not too technical, focus on smooth transitions and a nice flow using the die and yoyo. Shingo Terada influenced.

White Slick 6 50/50 is what I use.


I really loved using white 50/50s, but as I found that they suck up humidity a bit easier than poly, I switched to poly. I plan on using only white strings in the future. White strings are easy to see while being cheaper at the same time. It is said that they last a bit longer too because the coloring process weakens the string.

Schafer Strings! The ones my friend makes for me! :smiley: 100% poly.

frozen fire. they look great, have incredible slacks and whips, and last for ages.