What's the best string type for slacks and suicides?

Thank you :wink:

There really is no “best” string for any type of tricks. Any kind of string (100$ poly, or 50/50 cotton poly mix) should work for any type of tricks. It all falls down to preference. I like 100% poly best, just because I think it doesn’t feel as “stiff” as 50/50 mix string. So I guess pick what ever type of string you think feels best to you.

There is no something that is totally better than something.
I like 100% cotton ONLY for suicides. It holds the loop stiff. Not good for others though.

Liker any string would work. There are more expensive special string like Kevlar string, Alchemy string, Angel Hair string, Brazzilian Mondo string and there is a whole store of at least 20 of their made up string. Search up yoyo string on google.

that all depends on personal preference. i am very partial to yoyo gstrings noly

All depends on how you do them. Gator floss is great for doing super-fast whips, but I hate super-fast whips, so I hate Gator Floss. It’s cool to use every once in a while to try landing a whip that you’re not sure is possible, but I could never use that as my main type of string. Honestly, just go for standard yoyoexpert/yoyonation highlights. That’s the best string in my opinion.

practice and hard work will allow you to perform suicides better

and it’s cheaper than any fancy strings

I might add, no string is going to make such a difference so that one who can’t perform them in the first place could suddenly do suicide combos.

And if there are, you might spend more time to find these out than just practicing up to the point when you can just do a suicide with any kind of string.

so, suicides, either you can, and therefore you should be able to do them with ANY type of string, either you can’t and you’re looking for shortcuts. But the thing with shortcuts, in the end, they don’t help you AT ALL, if anything, it’ll harm your skills on the long term and in general, ultimately, the way you approach your problems in real life.

no one should ever take shortcuts on learning process

now, fully back on topic, there ARE strings that are, allegedly, made in order to ease the suicide and slack tricks, and these are the G strings SSE (SSE for suicide/slack edition)

but in the end, if you look around, everyone has it’s favorite (or not but that’s not my point) and it all comes down to what YOU prefer. don’t ever let other people, let alone perfect strangers on a yoyo discussion forum (no offense, we’re all kinds of weirdos here, me being the first), dictate you about what you should do, buy, think, believe in, fight for etc…

take some advice, follow the advice (try graou string, which is my advice, or if you like thinner stuff, chaos 422 are very good for these kinds of exercices), but in the end, and more importantly, make your own opinion.

so next time you feel like asking “what’s the best X to do Y”, remember that if there are more than one of these things out there, there is probably no “best” but only different qualities for different feels or expectations, which, being different for everyone, end up with many different products on the market with most of the time, no “best” one really standing out.

Graou strings are expensive but really good and forever lasting if you can afford (and wait, there’s a line now for these)
I’d go with the 422, chaos are back in business, try these, they do wonders for me in 1A

Kitty String.

Try Gator Floss its a miracle string…trust me… ;D

I would tell you what I don’t recommend. Skeletonboy333 suggested brazillion mondo, one tip: never get those. They keep string tension like Justin Bieber keeps girls. I would recommend any YYN or YYE Strings. Cheap, and effective

I only listed some of the possible strings available at the moment. I didn’t…suggest.

Ok my two cents. I think that better string makes a heck of a difference when it comes to whips, slacks, and suicides. My favorite two strings for slack are brazilian angelhair (thin 100% nylon stiff) and chaos 422 (poly/slick poly/nylon pretty stiff too) They hold a loop like none other. I can do suicides etc with highlights of course. I’m 100% better and more consistent with a string like angelhair. I don’t beleive it to be a shortcut at all. It’s just personal preference. Sacrifice some bounce and smoothness for some amazing slack abilities. I’m down…

I agree, the chaos 422 are very good for suicide loops.

The regular poly strings you buy from any good yoyo store should be fine.

Just don’t buy cotton because you’ll have to change your string more frequently and it gets string tension really easily.

Ham String, best string in terms of all of that, and they last a couple days even with non stop throwing :slight_smile:

Brett or izbanezcollector uses it all the time for slack or suicide tricks.

I prefer kitty string it’s a great string

He is probably my #1 inspiration and the #1 reason I started throwing. Love the guy