Sting for suicides?

I’m focusing on suicides and I’m looking for a best string for holding stiffness. Twisted type-A are great, but I’m looking for something that remains more stiff after breaking in. Any suggestions?
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Toxic strings BG1s are
My go to for everything and work well for suicides. ESP the new ones

Regular toxic strings really stay open to but are a little ruff on my hands.
Also I used hamstring and chaos 422 in the past.

Thanks. Brett also suggested his strings. Being the suicide master I emailed him to ask.
But at my level of suicides I really need something rigid. I found I can hit pretty well with a new twisted type A until it breaks in and becomes more flexible.

Thinking maybe Kevlar will take me through until I can really get it down. Really what I want is something that doesn’t break in too quick. Which is a crazy comment, but I may start running around in the street throwing butter at cars if I keep driving myself nuts trying to hit more than one out of 10.

I’m going to pull out a brand new toxic though, thanks for the tip, they last so long I rarely change them out.
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My favorite for suicides are two brands which unfortunately no longer make strings. Hamstring and Gator Floss. Nothing else that I have tried even comes close in my opinion. While Hamstring is currently not making any at the moment, there is hope that he will produce more once he recovers from surgery he had.

Other strings I have for reference:

  • Toxic BG1s
  • Kitty Fat
  • Kevlar (General Yo #82)
  • Highlights
  • Chaos 422
  • General Slick 6 (from many sources)
  • Snacktime
  • G-String (just about every variety)

I tried to put them in order of how I’d rate their performance regarding suicide tricks. Toxic BG1s and Kitty Fat are pretty close, but I find the BG1s to not hold tension all that well in comparison to Hamstring and Gator Floss. BG1s would be a contender for favorite string because it performs really well in general and doesn’t seem to absorb oils from the hands so it looks bright for a long time, but the lack of bounce at the end of the string puts the hurt on my joints. I usually change the Hamstring way before its worn out because it just seems to get dirty quicker and I really like bounce in my string to help save my joints and prolong playing time.

I never tried gator floss. I did use hamstrings for a while. I liked their bounce and feel, but I started getting more into the slicker, more static strings like the toxic and twisted. So far for suicides I’m liking the twisted A the best. I ordered a variety of custom twisteds today (needed more strings for my Decapod and Royale) and asked Jen to make the A’s extra stiff.
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Lately I’ve really been into the the Type X from Yoyo String Lab. I won’t bother describing it because I probably can’t do a better job than their own description on the yoyoexpert store, but I love it. Whips great, maintains some big loops for suicides, plays forever. My main throws are all using it right now.

Hmm. I think I may have some of those around. I’ll try them.
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Twist your own strings.

There are enough incredible string makers out there, putting the time into designing and learning how to create my own strings would be better spent practicing.
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I’ve had some good experiences with the Twisted Type A and A1 so I think you’re on the right track. I have some Chaos 422 coming so I’m eager to give those a try as well.

I wasn’t aware chaos was filling orders again.
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Neither was I until I heard through the grapevine that the site was back up and orders were being processed. But alas it is down again which I can only assume means they are back logged again.

On another note, have you tried Monkey Snot flowable in your decapod? I know you love the decapod as much as I do and the binds are much better with the flowable in my opinion.

I ordered some string from them about five or six months ago and it never arrived. It’s okay it was a small order.
I love the monkey finger snot but I use the flow groove pads in the decapod.
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I would honestly recommend the Toxic “Dragon” strings for stiffness. There is no other string quite like them. They are a Love/Hate type of string though. I find them a bit harder to bind, but they whip like nothing else I have tried.

One of my all time favorite strings.
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I’d recommend the TypeX YYSL. They break in a little quickly, but don’t lose their open suicides for a while.

…but overall, unless you’re doing really intricate suicides like 1 1/2’s or double-or-nothing type stuff, the suicide is usually more about the technique than the string.

twisted stringz type c its a thinner slicker B but less slick than D and I love it

I don’t think I have tried to type C yet, but the type a is pretty perfect.
I just ordered a bunch of strings from twisted, some type a - extra stiff, as well as some custom type B for the decapod as well as the square wheels Royale
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