String recomendation

I recently got some 100% poly string. all in all the string is alright but i have recently discovered more intense slack tricks that i feel the string is just too light to be able to do. i recently got a pack of 3 strings from a trade ( i don’t know what kind of string it was) that i really enjoyed. They seemed to be a heavier string and i could do numerous lacerations and whips that i couldn’t do with my 100% poly string.

What string would be better for whips n’ such? Where can i get me some?

I don’t reccomend this for normal 1A play, but for suicides ONLY, I like 100% cotton. It holds very well. It’s like as if it forms a rock solid loop waiting for your to catch the suicide.

For me, any string can do for whips, suicides, slacks lacerations etc… I just only like cotton for suicides.

Any string can do anything, I think you could try 50/50 Slick 6. That would be great. It’s like neutral.

IDK about this, but there are many random strings where only some places can be sold such as
Kevlar string, Astro string, Angel Hair string, Brazzilian string, and there is a whole string store that sells yoyo strings. I am not allowed to name the stores, but you’ll find them.

50/50 works great.

If you like the string from the trade, then you should just ask them what kind of string they sent you. That is probably the safest option, since you already know you like it.

i’ve asked him a couple of times with no response…

You wont regret it.

Check out the SSE2 format, as well as the INTENTUS
those are my favorites.

Yeah, gstring is really good string. The best on the planet, in my opinion. I would recommend that also.

Oh my goodness, if you don’t mind, GET A G-STRING!! hehe.