String ?

I have always used the 100% Polyester string here from YoYo Expert. But now that I am more advanced I find that I don’t like this string very much. It doesn’t last long at all, and it doesn’t hold tension very well. I like to do whips, slacks, and suicides but I have a hard time learning them due to string tension problems. So just some questions:

I know of brands such as Gator Floss and Alchemy but never tried their string. Are there string brands that specifically cater to slacks, whips, and suicides?

Where can I buy them?

discontinued :slight_smile:

I have tried alot of diffrent kinds of string and my favorite is chaos yoyo string. They have 422 which is thin and is great (lasts 4 days of heavy yoyoing) and they have 622 string that is the same as 422 but thicker and is great for slacks, suicides, and such.

Yeah, chaos 422 is my favorite for those tricks too.

You may have to buy factory direct or inquire to the folks at YYE to see what other offerings they may have. They seem responsive to user’s inquiries so if we don’t ask, they may not be inclined to offer product.

All I can say is for now, I’m pleased with YYE string. Maybe as I advance on I might want something different, but for now I’m good.

buy some thread and make it yourself

I’m a DIY type person too. I make all my string. Any color, any size. I’ve designed a cool little system and I can spin up about 10 strings an hour maybe more if I don’t change out colors.

hamstring (both type 10 and 12) are really good for slacks and whips.
And type 6 poly is pretty good too. it’s what clyw ships out with all their stuff, and it’s what kimmitt uses.

I use regular white poly strings. Maintaining tension has never been an issue for me and I don’t mind changing string. I actually prefer the feel of 50/50 strings, but any form of humidity just makes them worthless.

I ordered the 622 string from Chaos. It’s thicker and supposed to be great for learning slacks/whips. Hopefully it will live up to it’s expectations. Try it out, it’s cheap for a bakers dozen!

I think you should try the General-Yo Kevlar strings, also from YoyoExpert. From what I heard, they are extremely durable, and might solve your problem.