i dont know what strings to use

i mainly focus on slacks and whips but i do other stuff to, i hate adjusting my tension

i like string that runs across your finger smoothly

what string should i use? and please dont just say your string so i buy it. just reccommend what is best with my preferences

honestly jamesofyoyo’s secret thread amazing for all that and doesnt get bad tension easy, easy for slacks etc. and is ultra soft, also last for likke at least 2 weeks one string ive used mine since BLC which was like june 26th or something so ive used it for like 3 weeks now pm so i can tell you more about it or talk to him Jamesofyoyo (one word)

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Can’t go wron with good ol’ Highlights. YYE string isn’t bad either.

If you really want good specialty string. There’s a brand called Stand-By string that is amazing.
Also Apetrunk’s strings are really good.