Chaos yoyo string

I really need some new string and I think I’ll be ordering from Chaos yoyo string. Just to be safe, is there anything bad about them or their string. Anything at all. And which one of their strings are best for suicides and whips. It should also keep tension well.

Excellent string! Get the poly nylon mix. 422 is great for whips slacks ect. 622 is thicker and probably a little better at whips and slacks, but doesn’t last quite as long.

Their Chaos 422 string does great with suicides and whips, but it’s not very soft. Some people don’t like the way it feels. The last time I ordered from them, they said they would ship on one day, but didn’t ship until about a week later.

But their strings are my favorite. They’re pretty much the only ones I use now. I grabbed a bunch of it, so I won’t have to deal with ordering new ones for a while.

They are my favorite strings. The 422’s are great and last about 4 days of heavy yoyoing. They can handle slacks and whips well but not as good as 622 but the 622’s only last me about 2 days of heavy yoyoing.

Thank you all :slight_smile: