Opinion on CHAOS 422 string

I just recently bought two packs of Chaos string with this order, and I am curious as to how it plays, especially with slacks and suicides. The throws it will be going on are: YYF Genesis, CLYW New Avalanche (Has yet to get here, ordered with the string), Jam Dark Magic and Jam Cerberus (Ordered with the string).

Not sure since chaos22 strings are not really strings in mainstream yoyoing but I would try kitty, toxic or twisted string since a lot of people use these strings with great results.

The string whips and slacks very well but is super rough. If you want a better string imo got with string lab type x i felt it whiped and held slack and tension much better.

I couldn’t agree more. It last pretty long versus standard 100% poly.

Yeah I keep a broken in one on my popstar it is good string and nice color combos, but too rough for my liking compared to kitty string.

The brand new ones are super stiff but once they are broken in they are okay i would try fat kitty,YYSL tYPE X or Zen String (coming soon)