Chaos 422 String Review

I have had this string for some time and I feel that I have gotten used to it enough to write a review. I have only used highlights and cotton before so I can’t compare it to other kinds of string out of first hand knowledge.

Intro: 422 is made out of a blend of nylon and polyester. It is a Premium string made by Chaos along with 622 which is a thicker format of the blend. Let me tell you that that makes for a long lasting, awesome playing string.

Feel/Look: When I first got the string I was interested in its thickness and its feel. A new string feels “plasticy” and slick. I have read the nylon strings have this trait as well which makes sense. It does have the same tendency to slip off your finger but Sicyo’s thread about Alchemy string fixes that problem. It is also thinner than Highlights. They were very long, I cut off about a 10 inches, so I don’t think that any tall people will be disappointed.

Play: Before I tell you how great these strings are, I have to say that because of the thinness and the slickness they are very unresponsive. I resiliconed one half of my Hitman flush to deal with it and it plays great now. In my PGM, small bearing DV888, and Senza Nome, it is fine. I would recommend it for smaller gapped yoyos and get the 622 for larger gapped ones. Other than that it is great. Suicide loops are huge and open perfectly. It keeps tension so much better than my other strings and it whips faster than highlights which is nice. When I played it, it had a crisp feeling to it. After half an hour they break in to a softer less plasticy feel. I found that in humidity the string fair much better than highlights. They last super long. I don’t play a whole lot, but they have lasted me for over three weeks whereas a highlight might last 5 days at the most. They also don’t get the crumby strandy look that a highlight gets.
I have noticed that over time the loop around the bearing gets loose. It does not affect play but I have not experienced that before.

Great tension
Big loops
Fast whips
Lasts a long time

Unresponsive for the huge gap yoyos
Tends to slip of finger if you don’t twist the loop

I really think that these strings are worth every penny. At the Chaos website you can pick your colors which is pretty cool. They preform so well that everyone should try them at least. You will not be disappointed.