YoYoStringLab Type X Review

Introduction: For many, people have heard of YoYoStringLab but have never tried (I did, so I’m sure many more haven’t). Typical string used by people include g-string, hamstring, toxic string, twisted stringz, regular polyester, etc. YoYoStringLab string has a unique feel, its combines elements that is looked for in a string along with the combining some feels in similarity of other companies. YoYoStringLab can be purchase through the website along with here on YoYoExpert. I ordered neon yellow polyester type x string however more colors are available along with different formulas, however i believe this is
their most recommended formula. Without further ado that the review begin!

Upon Arrival: When you first receive the string, it comes nicely packed with a sticker and description on every pack of 10 strings. I like these little trinkets included its nice to get a little extra stuff it’s just simply awesome and fun ;D. Also, without evening opening the pack the strings look nice and possibly even brighter than regular polyester. Each string comes without a loop for your finger like most strings and is not insanely long but in no way to short, again another nice touch knowing you can tie the string to your desired length. YoYoStringLab gets a 10/10 in this category.

Playability and similarities: I find the easiest way to explain the playability without saying “it plays like YoYoStringLab String and can’t be described” is through categories. Note: I dont have enough room so ask or pm me for more details and you shall receive.
Tension: 8/10 holds tensions extremely well broken in or not, markmont next string holds tensions little longer, however it lacks the soft feel and lighter weight.
Playability:?/10 honestly its all preference, its probably my favorite string, its a very balanced string, markmont next string can do all these crazy whips at lightening speeds and stuff but i can still do that with YoYoStringLab not slower or anything just different i guess is the best way to describe it, its honestly an awesome string in all elements of whip capabilities,tension, maneuverability, feel, etc. I recommend you at least try the string because its awesome stuff. It’s personally my favorite string.

Has the Hamstring bounce, G-String Softcore Feel, Brightness of polyester, Polyester feel not polyester play, it is thee string for jade whips, i can consecutively do 3 or 4 jade whips in a row, i usually suck at them lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks a bunch for the review. When I started YYSL I was aiming for a string that hits a sweet spot for performance and feel, so it’s great that you clicked with that.

It’s awesome I’ll probably make a vid using it soon to show how it shows up on cam, kudos to you though I love it, plan on getting more in te future

I love it as well. Easily my favorite string. It just works.