What is the longest lasting string I could buy of Yoyoexpert. I am running low and want some that would last me a while.


My Toxic Draken string seemed like it lasted forever


Toxic dragon strings have the longest life


On YYE? I’d day that Epic Strings Whips or lightnings. They last a loooong time.


What is the best string I can buy in bulk? And in several colors?


None of the Bulk strings will last you that long. 1-3 days each about.


Try Blueprint String. They are pretty cheap to buy in bulk. 100 strings is $14.00 on YYE.


I’m starting to change string a bit more frequently (used to use them till they were disgusting and about to break) and Blueprints last me a while, and so do my nylon Kitties.


Regular Toxics lasts almost as long, if not as long, as dragons. And they come in colors. I love them. They have the same slick, hard feel that dragons do at first, so if you don’t like that they might not be for you.


I have kitty normal in neon. I am thinking about ordering toxics next.


Do the dragons last as long or longer than the drakens?


Pretty much the same. I have both, but I prefer the dragon thickness most of the time


They are definitely worth a shot. I strongly suggest using the finch head knot instead of the regular slip knot for them, or for any any similar string that doesn’t provide enough friction to be secure with a regular slip knot for that matter.