String length?

well i got a bundle of 100% poly from theyostore awhile back, and it tended to be all to short to my liking, my question is what string tends to run longer, would anyone suggest the highlights? i hear alot about those.

Highlights are actually rather short, I believe. The length can also be inconsistent with some being shorter/longer than others. For me, even the short strings are fine, but I’m not exactly tall.

Out of the strings I’ve tried, Perfect Fit String comes at a relatively long length which should be fine for most people, if not all. If you hang around this forum, you’ll hear a lot about Perfect Fit String. All good things, naturally. It’s made by our own Jeromy K. and it’s 80% polyester, 20% nylon. You can just PM him if you are interested in buying some.

Here’s his account profile:;u=262

And reviews:

i feel so special that kim-lan posted a link to my review ;D lol I would say PF string too, its very slick, doesn’t snag, very colorful, and very long.

thank you kim u helped alot

Also, not many people like it but I find it to work just fine: 100% cotton. It does get very sticky in humidity but other than that it plays great and lasts a really long time, at least for me. It is also very long and i have to cut several inches off of it for it to be at the right height.