The Best Strings?

What’s the best string? I need some and I pretty much just have heard that Slick 6 is pretty good. I don’t know what each kind of string is, so bear with me…

I would love recommendations on brands or anything. I’m pretty string retarded.


Well, it all depends. Do you do fast and Ninja like playing? Or do you like slow complex tricks?

IMO, I like Alchemy and 50/50.

You will also hear of Perfect Fit Strings and that is popular I justnever bought it yet sp I can’t judge.

I prefer faster tricks, thus far anyway. I haven’t really tried many slow tricks but the fast tricks are fun.

Thanks for your opinion :slight_smile:

I would recommend the perfiect fit string because it glides on your finger, does NOT leave string burn if you go really fast (not for me at least), and has some pretty cool colors. They even have glow in the dark :D.

Thanks! I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

100% poly and 50/50

Happy Throwing! =]

My favorite is Perfect Fit String. It all I use in my yoyos.

So how much does the Perfect Fit cost? Cause, I’m a teen but I want good string that’ll hold up nicely but won’t leave me totally broke.

I played with some angel hair then found yoyogstring which is all I play with now.

I’ve looked at yoyogstring, but I can’t tell how many come in a single pack. (It may just be me not looking hard enough.) Could you tell me?

10 strings come in each pack, unless otherwise stated :wink:

I don’t see the difference in string but then again iv’e only bought the highlights from this site is there really any significant difference in play

A thing that makes string feel different is the material. Perfect fit string is a nylon-poly blend which lasts a lot longer than 100% poly IMO. There is also the feel of the string and how well it will hold tension

Well if oyu want regular colors its $3.00 for 10 and if you want glow in the dark its $3.75 for 10. They last quite a while, i mean I have to go thru like 1 100% poly in 1-2 days or else it snaps but it’s been 3 days and its still playing quite well. Read my review :wink:

i have 100% polly and i bought 100 not knowing that your string makes a difference and i sooooo know better now… I HATE IT it cant hold tension and the second it breaks in you start having really bad binds. i would not recomend 100% polly but im getting some polly nylon in the mail and im really hoping it’ll be better

You do relize this post is almost 4 months old… please dont bring up dead topics, thanks. :wink: