One yoyo to string them all, and in the darkness bind them

You get to pick one yoyo/setup to keep from your current collection. No honorable mentions, no top 5. One yoyo.

Mine is my blue Recess Quiz with an NSK/YYR DS gold, recessed red RTV, and neon YYSL Ammo. It’s pretty, it’s made of steel, it’s capable of 1A and responsive play, and it’s a nice size that straddles the line between full and under/pocket-sized beautifully. Feels and looks a bit like a slim, bulletproof Butterfly.

Choose wisely.


Markmont Classic - laced with Zipline EP 20/20

IMO the most comfortable, stable, forgiving organic I’ve played. Nice and light with ultralights for some float, or flat caps/spikes for traditional weight. The classic remains my favorite over the magnum opus for various reasons.
Zipline EP 20/20 is narrower than typical boutique string, but lasts just as long. Plays well with OD sized gaps.
This yoyo sparks joy for me.


My answer to these threads will always be…


Strung up with good ol’ fashioned yellow Kitty Fat and a stock OD flat bearing.

Do I need to explain myself?


Shut the front door!!


Top Deck, any @BadWolfeCo slicc goldilocks, and any concave bearing.


Beautiful Fox (?)…

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This one
Complete set up
A&A Strings formula 1, NSK gold bearing, black flat caps

Cu Sudo

I enjoy the way it changes with oxidation and hand oils the patina is so cool as it develops over time and use. This is a throw that when I learn a new trick or trick element and I have it down consistent. I reach for this throw. Landing tricks with a any Sudo is so satisfying. Have a great week everyone.

Thank you Eric P


I’m torn, because there’s two situations I could see myself in.

If I fully delve into my 0A obsession, I’m choosing my RBC all day every day!

However, if I want to do 0A, 1A, and maybe 5A, a plastic Freehand will suit me just swell.


Perpetual (motion) by Motion YoYo - it checks every single box for me 100% with NSK bearing and Zipline Skyline 3


Okay. Wow. Gotta be the Prescription by One Drop, and if I gotta only have this choice i’m going to do as neon a green “Executive” String in "Business Professional " of course. Check out the showcase i really love those things.


Dang it man, you had one job

I think you were onto something with your choice of a steel yoyo. In the hypothetical event that I can only have one yoyo, and I’m not going to be able to have backups or be able to buy another in the future, having a steel or titanium yoyo makes the most sense to me. My actual favorite yoyos are beat to heck and vibe like an overfilled washing machine. If I’m only going to have one singular yoyo I’d want it to be bulletproof and remain nice through frequent play. I want something that won’t have chunks taken out of it if I have a 5A drop onto the pavement or gravel, and something that I’ll never have to worry about regular drops eventually wearing down on the threads.

It might not be my favorite yoyo overall, but I’m gonna pick the Shaqshine Bros because it’s my favorite ti/steel yoyo. I’m assuming despite only having one yoyo I can continually purchase new string and pads for it, so my ideal setup will be neon yellow Kitty FC fat and RSO x Atmos saturn pads. My single counterweight of choice will be a Fairy Crystal Lab soft cube. I’ve never been picky about bearings and pretty much any centering bearing is fine. If I have to pick though it’s probably gonna be a Dif concave bearing.


Yes, I was thinking along the lines of something a little more durability-oriented as well. I think a Ti or steel SE compatible yoyo would be the epitome of that idea, but I haven’t found one that I really love yet (there aren’t many SE Tis to begin with, and there are no steels that I know of).


Only one🤔?
Okay, this one:


The still silence that is the Oxygene Oxy 3VO with some fancy vintage cherry strings caressing a shield-free concave bearing. This thing is utterly wasted in my hands. I know that and I simply don’t care.