If you could only have one yoyo to play for the rest of your life it would be...

Alright guys, you read the title. What would it be?

NOTE: You can mod it all you want and have any string or bearing you want.

I would want OneDrop M1. Great Overall yoyo.

EDIT: The yoyo has to be one that you actually have the money to buy or that you already own. No fantasizing.

catch 22

I would have to go with the pyro (original) i have seen and heard great things!

I would go with the Superstar, I heard great things about it.

If we literally had to buy these yoyos, I would honestly go with a BvM, Skyline, or a SvsZB

I’d have a yo-yo that can morph into any yo-yo I want it to be whenever I want, while also being indestructible and perfect in every way.

You didn’t say that it had to exist or be realistic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good Point!

I would have a yo-yo that will somehow drag my hands into doing the tricks that I want If I concentrate hard enough. It should be metal and stacked.

i would choose the dm, or the legacy ;D

prabably a MarkMont and have 6 stran poly string and it would never ever get a scratch or a ding with thin pads for response.


Shoot, mine would be a virtual yoyo. Just a digital image I can program to do anything I want. I wouldn’t even have to be there to do shows, just make a virtual me, with my virtual “Perfect” yoyo.

/wakes up

Oh, whaaaaa, oh, this is a real post. Well in that case, as it shapes up at the moment, I have my perfect yoyo. Read my profile :slight_smile:

Well, I cant answer this, I throw 2A!

But having only 1 yoyo would be hard, if I didnt play 2A or 3A.

I would have to say a FHZ.

1A would be covered, 5A of course, and 4A can be done.

Nice yoyo!

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Sebastion Brock edition Peak.

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Stargazer, Peak, or a BBed Stardust.

One of the three. I love them all.

totally my m1. (green and black)

Catch 22,lol.



I’m a bit shocked to be the first to say the Noctu.

Dna!!! ;D ;D

It Suite My Style.
…Smooth… Like John Ando Playing 1A.

The cut