If You Could Only Have One YoYo Forever What Would You Get And Why?

Here is the setting~

The mayan calender ended and it reall was the end of the world.
But you somehow survived and everything is gone except for the choice
Of any yoyo,yoyo string, and bearing (one that lasts forever). The problem is you can only pick one of each.

What would you get!?!

Choose wisely… :wink:

I’d keep my Chief, my Red YYSL type X string, and an 8 ball flat bearing.


AL7 Albatross no question

General Yo Majesty… by far the best all around yoyo I’ve ever used.

My puffin

My Yomega Highspeed Maverick… I don’t know about the string and bearing

C3 Berserker, konkave bearing, and regular poly (I’ve never tried any other string :P).

Bip bop splash black chief, epic string, terrapin x.
I can’t say why, I have only used epic string. Never touched a chief or terrapin in my life!

Freq. wave; fat kitty string; od 10 ball

Supernova Vashek Kroutil edition
center trac bearing
yellow normal kitty string

Onedrop Burnside
KonKave bearing
Handmade string

Yyr sleipnir konkave normal kitty string

Soda blasted silver royale with yellow kitty string and a 10 ball bearing

1st run silver Chief, Dead Threads nylon Tiger thread and a 10 ball bearing. The dream setup.

OG Peak

It’d be a Purple Wrath or purple Freq. Wave with a KK and a standard Neon yellow poly :slight_smile:

E=mc^2, OD 10 ball, yellow yye poly.

Center trac
Regular poly

gnarwhal kitty string center track