Find my wire string

So I unboxed a yoyo. I don’t remember which one, but it was probably a wedge, and it came with this really cool string that played like a wire. Could someone identify this string for me?

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What color was it? If its yellow that’s know bad. If its solid green that’s yoyofactory’s standard stock string. If it is green with a thread of white it is that’s limewire string

purple and black i think was the color

I have no clue then😅. I’ve never heard of a yoyofactory yoyo coming with black and purple string.

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Does anyone then know of a string that plays more like a wire and dies in about two to three hours of play?

Any of the Markmont dragon strings along with night moves, cirrus foam, cumulus foam. Any of these will last for months and are very coarse and stiff feeling. They are all amazing for slacks and whips. Pick among these to get the thickness you want. I know I have some Markmont strings with 50+ hours on them and they still feel great. They are available here on YYE.

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If you happened to get a yoyo from .eu it may have had a graou string, the couple I have feel a lot like markmont string.

The string had a really short life maybe two to three hours and then the loop around the yoyo frayed to the point that I became afraid to continue to use it.

Usually strings that have more of a wirey feel tend to last a long time, that’s the trade-off. Not sure why you would even want a wirey string that only lasts a couple hours.

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Angel hair is nylon and very wire-like. It lasts forever but is very unforgiving on the hands and has no bounce at all so it can be hard on the wrist as well. I don’t think they’ve been made for a while but you can still find them in a few places

No this string frizzled and died. And by that inaccurate description I mean to began to tear at the loop that goes over the bearing to the point I was scared to continue to use it.

I also like the tail end of kitty string up until you can’t possibly use it because I can do all my whips easier with it.