Yoyo colors and string types?

To get to the point, I have about four yoyos I use regularly, but for me to be satisfied with my collection, there’s about twelve more on the list, that I plan to get very soon. I was curious if I should stick to getting colors I favor, or if I should try to have all different color yoyos for variety? I don’t mind either way, but I was leaning toward different colors that way it more so feels like I’m throwing something different with each yoyo. Opinions?

And as far as string goes, I planned on getting expert string from here since it’s cheap in bulk. 100% Poly. Is that what highlights are? 100% poly? Because I got a Pocket change from here and the string was green; not sure what it was, but it goes on the finger easy, and doesn’t give rope burn as easily, so I’d like to get that. So hoping the expert string from here is pretty much the same. Opinion?

well colors won’t give you a different feel it’ll still play the same but i would get different colors cuz different colors go with different yoyo’s

the string here is the same as highlights but some people here say that something about it is just weird so i would get the YYN highlights

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Get different colors. It sucks to look at your case and see all of one color.

Also, get it here. I’m pretty sure YYN and YYE get their string from the same place.

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Thanks, you guys. I was thinking the same thing, but those two posts urge me toward my first instinct. Anyone else?

I agree with those two. Different colors makes the world go 'round. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would definitely say get different colors. And yes, I think that YYN and YYE get there string from the same place.

that made my day alot better