Need to Sell❗️ Slam Dunk $40 Shipped❗️

This thread gives me a headache. Hands down worst post on the bst :1st_place_medal::sweat_smile:

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I agreed with you and have come across this post many times being slightly annoyed by it but once you commented it was the worst post on the bst i decided to read through every update that has been provided.

My conclusion is @SpaceMercKlyde is a super cool dad and this is hands down the best post on the Bst.


I’m all for it, nothing against him or his personal life and family situation. More just feel like if we are selling random tech items and paracord art and what not we should probably post it to one of the 20 different apps that are actually meant for such… just a waste of time scrolling through so much extra txt and random items to potential even find a yo-yo. When this is specifically a yo-yo b/s/t, that is in a yo-yo specific forum, on a yo-yo specific website. You know what I’m saying ? Loll

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@Sleepythrow: Do I know what you’re saying? Let’s see… Let me break down this nonsensical word vomit and see if I’m understanding your train of thought here.

You begin by stating you have no problem with me or my situation (then go on to list all the problems you have with me and my situation), and if you want to be technical, you started with the asinine comment that this thread gives you a headache (congratulations?).

However, you provide only evidence to the contrary. Of the…willfully ignorant kind, no less. That’s what got under my skin the most. Let’s ignore the fact that there are, at this very moment, and at the time of your comment, between two and four other “Kitchen Sink” posts on your treasured

Let’s just throw that huge piece of intelligence right out the window for a moment.

When was the last time you read the forum B/S/T rules and regulations? I did before I made this post, and then I checked with three different individuals before creating it because it never specifically states that this is a “Yo-yo specific B/S/T, on a Yo-yo specific forum, on a yo-yo specific website.” It simply lists the sites rules for listing items for sale or trade, as well as some common sense guidelines for doing so safely.

The last thing I wanted was to break a rule that I wasn’t aware of, or one that was more…between the lines.

Do you know what I was told by all three people I checked with? In short, as long as you follow the rules and guidelines, you can list anything.

So your statement that this is a “yo-yo specific this and that” would appear to be, in practice, untrue. Very obviously untrue, at that.

Now let’s heave in that intelligence we threw out earlier.

I don’t see your headache complaints on any of those posts. I don’t see your ravings about yo-yo exclusivity.

If this is really about it being because I listed other things, you really need to go and complain on a few other threads. Here, I’ll link them for you so you can back up that talk. Otherwise, you’re sending the wrong message. That you’re just full of hot air, with the sole intention of bringing someone down. People don’t like those that do that sort of thing, I wouldn’t want you to fall in with the wrong crowd.

You clearly DO have a problem with me. And you’ve made it MY problem now, too. Which I do not appreciate.

Did you know that Internet Troll and Bully psychology is remarkably similar? A troll is basically a bully who doesn’t have the stones to talk smack to your face. They need the protection of the internet to feel emboldened enough to talk tough.

Now, I don’t know what your problem with me is. Maybe it’s that I was in the military. Maybe it’s that myself and my sons are on the spectrum. Maybe that I have a disability. Maybe that I had the guts to be open about my situation, my intentions, and that it gained traction. Maybe it’s just that…you saw this community coming to support a dad trying to do something big, which is rare for us, for his kids—and in your mind, I was/am simply too new to deserve that.

I don’t know. I also don’t care anymore.

What I care about…is that your dumb, thoughtless, ignorant, word vomit of a rant got under my skin, and kept me from bumping and updating this post for 27 days. I thought, “One guy, whom I don’t know, have never interacted with, and never want to, didn’t like my post—so no one does, and I must have been fooling myself. I should just let it fade away.”

I care about how long it took me to realize that was my spectrum brain playing right into your trollish hand.

It’s obvious to me that you barely glanced at the listings.

If you had an issue with my post, do you really believe this was the way to go about it? I find that hard to believe. A DM with constructive criticism would have gotten you a lot farther than this. It also would have helped your case if you had bothered to look through the listings.

The tech stuff you hate so much? Sold like hot-cakes.

The paracord stuff? Wasn’t actually being sold, I was using them as freebies to encourage people to buy. The whole thing being that this had become a community effort, and I thought having bits of that effort to give to people would be nice.

Were they great at first? No, not particularly. But it was only because of someone buying yo-yo’s or tech that I could buy the paracord I needed to learn how to make the yo-yo holders (Throw Thongs, I call them). Giving away proto-types and practice color ways to future buyers was my silly way of paying it forward, back into the community that helped make this possible.

I’ve given away a handful of 1.0 Throw Thongs in trades, sales, and just as gifts in general to community members who’ve helped make this possible.

Did my posts get too cluttered? Yes. Things were great for a while. When things started to die down, I was worried I’d lost everyone’s interest and support, and wouldn’t be able to finish the project that was very nearly complete. I tried to get it back the only way I could think of.

To answer your question: No, I don’t know what you’re saying. I’ve proven every single word of yours false, and hollow. Your assertion that this is a

is just BS.

Your claim that I was selling inappropriate items that were meant for other websites, is without merit. The tech were some of the first things to go, and the para-cord items were not for sale.

The claim that you’re

Has absolutely no evidence in it’s support, and all evidence to the contrary. The biggest of which being your entire comment, which is what has opened you up to this reprisal. A DM would not have. Choosing your words more carefully would not. Nor would the understanding that words have gravity, and no one likes a troll.

Here’s your one chance to back up that talk. Complain about headaches and tech being sold on your yo-yo only b/s/t on these threads below, and prove me wrong. Or, be honest with yourself, at least, in admitting that you just wanted to make someone feel bad.

Why? I don’t know. Maybe you had a bad day. Maybe you weren’t thinking. Maybe you’re simply not a good person—making you a seemingly rare specimen in this community.

In closing, I’d also like to point out that…your comments bumped my thread to the top—the one that bothered you oh, so much. Thanks for lookin’ out while I was away. I really appreciate that.

Here’s all the posts NOT selling yo-yo’s—here is your moment.

It’s almost like this is a B/S/T for members of this awesome community, rather than for specific items.

To everyone who has helped out, and those interested in the progress: I’ll be putting together an update thread soon. To show you guys what I’ve been working on all this time!


Bro I’m not reading all that. You seriously need to go touch some grass. No serious problem here nor I’d it a problem for you :joy: as you can tell you just replied a month later being even more of a headache. Was just a comment bro and it’s common courtesy dont sit and post junk for sale and you also copy and paste the same huge sale pitch and it just makes it rather annoying and a headache to go through your stuff. Just a personal opinion and a joke. You need to relax

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: NEW ITEMS‼️:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:
All are in good condition and smooth unless otherwise noted—Prices are shipped. PayPal, F&F preferred. Will do G&S if buyer covers fees.

1: Duncan, Orbital Galaxy Splash—some fingernail vibe.
2: CoreCo., Qubit Black
3: Throwback Skill Toys, Summer Solstice Pink
4: Throwback Skill Toys, Winter Solstice Galaxy
5: Duncan, Freehand One AL Blue
6: KnotCreators, West Coast Bare Blasted—barely visible machining marks.*
7: Duncan, Freehand (One?) Red and Blue Half Swap—minor marring from me thinking I could pry the caps off :man_facepalming:
8: CLYW, Yeti 2 Sky Blue—minor cracking in the cup, barely visible.

Feel free to ask for more detailed photos!*

Open to trade offers—organic, and undersized throws are my favorite. Beyond that, surprise me!


Firm reveal date is Christmas. I grossly underestimated the amount of work I was attempting to undertake :sweat_smile:



*** :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: UPDATES :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU NEED TO KNOW :bangbang: :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:***

Still Available:
3: Throwback Skill Toys, Summer Solstice, Pink
5: Duncan, Freehand One AL, Royal Blue
6: KnotCreators, West Coast, Bare Blasted
7: Duncan, Freehand (One?), Blue & Red Half Swap, Small Bearing
8: CLYW, Yeti 2–Sky Blue

Buy some throws or let’s make some trades!

Organic, undersized, and pocket throws abound out in the wild! Also wouldn’t mind higher end plastics—Shooting Stars, or Speedaholic XX’s. Perhaps that mini throw that just isn’t your thing. Help me get rid of these so I have room for the Christmas throws!


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: UPDATES :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU NEED TO KNOW :bangbang::rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Need stocking stuffers? Last minute gift for your niece/nephew? Buy a throw!
Let’s make some deals!

I’m considering a restock from the ones I like, but don’t love… :thinking:


I came to the bottom for the qubit. The qubit is gone. Lol


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:NEW ITEMS ADDED‼️ :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

iYoYo, Iceberg Purple w/ Black Rims (Classic—so far as I know, same dimensions as my Shooting Star. Rims are scratched up from previous owner, no effect on play. See Pics Below.)

DocPop, Weekender YYE Edition (A few scuffs on the rims, does not effect play. Includes bag, though one tassel fell apart on me years ago. See Pics Below.)

Recess, First Base Yellow (a couple minor dents. See pics.)

Just showing off that fade here :heart_eyes:

One is a scuff for sure. It’s kinda hard to tell if the other is part of the ano, so I’m erring on user error to be safe :sweat_smile:

If my prices seem off feel free to reach out.

If anyone out there wants to make a Christmas wish come true, here’s some trade from my wish list:

Fallen Angel, pink or purple
Icarus, pink or blue
Shawn Exploder, all black/moon rock
Ditch, pink or a pink half-swap
Ministar 2, Temperance or Ocean Lava
Massamini 1/2 in pink or blue
Baryon, Peach/Pink w/Rainbow rims or Red/Orange w/Black Rims


Bumpin’ Back to the Top!

Bump in Bold!

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What’s in the boooooxx?!? Ah, gawd…WHAT’S IN THE BOOOXX???!!

The Box:

I know I said I’d post an update thread somewhere, but life happened and I didn’t get the chance. I made sure to shoot video, and once I get it cut, I’ll post it!



New Items! Help me start 2023 with new throws!
This is everything left from all the buying, trading and selling from 2022–minus the ones that landed spots in my ultimate collection–I thought, ”A new year needs new throws!” .

There are definitely a few specific ones I’m looking for, which I will list, however I’m pretty open. I just wanna try some new stuff, and am not terribly concerned with love marks :grin:.

Some of the ideal trades I’m looking for:
ZGRT Basilisk D w/Rainbow Rims
G2 Mini Covenant, Mini Banshee
G2 Decade
GeneralYo MiniStar 2 (no green speckles :joy:)

Some general trades I’d be into:
Undersized, minis and pocket throws
Throws with a D bearing
Organic, or “organic-esque” shapes
Convertibles—unresponsive, responsive, fixie in one kinda stuff

Shipping is included. CONUS only, please. Feel free to DM offers, or request more pics.

Help me get some new throws!

Dressel Designs:
2022 Mystery Gift—AKA “The Super Kanto—ONLY 55 MADE! This is an amazing throw with some of the biggest Titanium rims I’ve ever seen. It’s just too big for my liking—and I tried so hard to like it. Only thrown it a few times over carpet. Comes with box and string. $99 Shipped
50/50, Bape Half Swap: One tiny, shallow nick on one rim. $49 Shipped

KnotCreators, West Coast: Bare blasted, so tiny machining marks are visible. No damage and smooth so far as I can tell. Just not my jam. $39 Shipped
Thesis, Da Capo: One “dent” on one of the rims, does not effect play. This is the smoothest plastic I’ve ever thrown, and one of the most unique feeling. New spacers (comes with a spare pair as well). $49 Shipped

First Base, Dino Egg: NMTBS. Simply never gets used. $29 Shipped
First Base, Yellow: NMTBS. Simply never gets used. $29 Shipped

Thanks for looking! I swear I haven’t forgotten I owe you guys a video of the boys getting their hoard, things have been nuts and finding a few minutes to just breathe is hard at the moment :sweat_smile:.



DD, Ti Rim “Super Kanto” PENDING


Recess, Yellow First Base PENDING

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: THE LAST ONES‼️ :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

If anyone is looking to make my year, I’m dying to get my hands on a ZGRT Basilisk D, with Rainbow Rims!

LEFT: Jake Bullock Slam Dunk Bape Swap NMTBS $59 SHIPPED

RIGHT: Recess, First Base Hand Dyed Dino Egg NMTBS $20 SHIPPED

On the fence about these two, that’s why there’s no purchase price—FEEL FREE TO SEND OFFERS

LEFT: GWAY Malivore Copper Mine NMTBS

RIGHT: G2 Arbiter Indigo Dreams This one is definitely on the beat up side. Previous owner was a 5A player, and we all know they have little to no respect for “functional art” :joy:. I’ve adjust the rims to the best of my ability, which has smoothed it a bit. Someone with a work bench, vice, or even a proper rim alignment tool like they sell here, could probably smooth it even more. It definitely has some vibe, though it has no real or noticeable effect on play for me. The color way is gorgeous, and despite its battle scars, still one heck of a throw, IMHO.


:stop_sign::stop_sign: Recess First Base, hand dyed Dino Egg—GONE :stop_sign::stop_sign:


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Kanto available?