Need to Sell❗️ Slam Dunk $40 Shipped❗️

Looking for a new Tech Toy?

AWESOME! because I’m looking for some new Throw Toys!
ITEM STATUS LEGEND: :white_check_mark: = AVAILABLE :warning: =PENDING
:stop_sign: = TRADED .
The Story:
Hello all you beautiful people! Yes, YOU.

I’m a father of three boys (who’re totally bonkers, FYI :joy:). My oldest two are 10 and 12, both with severe ADHD, and my youngest is on the spectrum.

At that age, with the storm that ADHD creates in their heads, pulling them away from the TV and Xbox is a challenge. To say the least. Then, I had an idea!

Yo-Yo’s and other skill toys are GREAT for ADHD, and I could use that to help get them away from the TV and trying something new!

Both of my oldest have shown a real interest in learning to throw. My 12 year old just nailed his binds, and all it took was the heroic sacrifice of my YoYo King Ghost :sweat_smile:(the only metal I had that I could afford to lose).

My middle is still working on throwing, but he did 5/10 good forward tosses the other day! My youngest has an old Fireball of mine that he carries with him at times, to be just like his big brothers :grin:

He doesn’t understand what is supposed to happen, but lights up when I help him and it comes back to his hand!

I wondered…
What if I got us all a cool throw? Same model, different colors to suit them. That way, no one can claim that dad is better because he has a better yo-yo :rofl:

After talking to them about it, they loved the idea!

My oldest is cool with 1A and maybe trying 5A down the road. My middle said he’d love to try Off-String Yo-Yo (4A…?) and Kendama.

Being able to get them away from the screens and spending time together practicing would be amazing :star_struck:

The Problem:
We are a family of five, plus pets, being supported by VA Benefits. Which…unfortunately…aren’t what they could be.

Month to month is a tight-rope, with little wiggle room. :grimacing:

The Solution:
My tech for your throws! :+1:

I’ve accumulated far too much over time. Most of it barely used. All well cared for, and carefully stored.

I’d love to find this stuff a new home, with someone who will use it. :facepunch:

Everything listed is in a Good to Like New condition, and in full working order.

++At the bottom is a list of throws and other skill toys I am looking for. Mostly for the kids and I, but a few are from my own wishlist++

++I realize this is my first Trade post, however I have done business on here as a buyer/trader and I’m sure I can find references to post++


:stop_sign: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G-LTE (Black, 42mm) FREE EXTRAS!
Bundle includes: Samsung Galaxy Watch, charging dock, cable, TPU protective covers (silver installed) in Gold, Rose Gold, Black, Clear, Gun Metal and Silver. Faux leather cuff style band (new in box). Two extra 9H glass screen protectors (one installed).

:white_check_mark: AMD FX8300 Black Edition, 8 Core, NEW IN BOX
Ah, yes—the classic tale of a man…”Getting Around To It…” man buys PC guts to upgrade his tower. Man gets distracted. Two years go by. Man finds PC guts he bought and forgot about, then decides to build a gaming PC for his wife. Man does need a healer after all. Man gets distracted again (fighting bears and zombie pirates, most likely). Man finds said pieces again, and finally admits that he will never “Get Around To It.” :joy:

:stop_sign: G-SKILL 16GB DDR3 RAM, Dual 8GB Sticks, NEW IN BOX

:stop_sign: SNES Classic Mini
SNES Classic Mini was bought enthusiastically in the hopes of reliving my childhood with my kids, but it turns out Super Mario World simply can’t compete with the likes of the Almighty Fortnite :man_facepalming: and has been unused since. Like New. Controllers, cables, and HDMI included.

What I Am Looking For:

++POCKET THROWS (50mm diameter and under), CONVERTIBLES (Responsive/unresponsive based on installed bearing), High Quality Plastics, KENDAMA, Off-STRING YO-YO’S, OneDrop, iYoYo, RCS, C3, Duncan, YoYoFriends, Doc Pop, MK1 –Specifics listed below, WILL BE OPEN TO MOST OFFERS EVEN IF NOT LISTED++

The Executive, (Any) Doc Pop
The Icarus, (Pink, Blue) Doc Pop
Shooting Star, (Red, Purple, Blue, Pink, Yellow) iYoYo
Passion, (Any) iYoYo
Asp, (Cool Runnings, Crimson King)
Colossus VI, (Non-solid colors preferred) Top Yo
50/50, (Pink/Yellow, Blurple, Aqua/Green, Galaxy) Dressel Design
Contact, (Any) MK1
Shutter, (Black or Silver w/Rainbow Splash, Black w/Pink) YYF
Speedaholic XX, (Any) C3
The Gamer, (Kirby, Space Invaders, Any) Rain City Skills
DiGamma Crash, (Rainbow or Blue Rims) C3
New/Classic Iceberg, (Rainbow Rims) iYoYo
Spyglass, (Silver/Black w/Rainbow, Pink w/Black) MK1
Koi, (Purple/Pink, Aqua/Yellow, Multi Color with Red/Copper Wash) YoYoFriends
The Ditch, (Pink, Purple, Black, Blue) CLWY
Freehand One AL and Plastic, (Any) Duncan
Panorama, (non-solid colors preferred) OneDrop
Mini Star 2, (Temperance, Ocean Lava) General Yo
MinIRAGE, (Any) Japan Technology
Baryon, (Peach/Yellow, Red/Yellow) YoYoFriends
First Base, (Dino Eggs, Any) Recess
El Mijo (Non-solids preferred) Zero Gravity
Phidias, (Non-solids preferred) PDX YO
Mod44, (Any) Freshly Dirty
Masamini/Masamini V2 *(Any) Sengoku
Intro, (Non-solid colors preferred) OneDrop
Rebirth, (Non-solid colors preferred) OneDrop
Legendary Terrarian, (Crimson, Mushroom) OneDrop

CONUS ONLY Please and Thank you!

Seriously, just DM me. This list could become endless. I’ve had this stuff taking up space for far too long, and it needs new homes. Just as badly as my throw collection needs to grow :joy:

My Feedback Thread:

Apologies for the double “bump,” but it was brought to my attention that I had forgotten to put my name on a card in each photo. .


Also Looking For: OneDrop Side Effects, anything but Ultralights, Yo-Yo Bearings, Throwback Skill Toys VIP and Ultimate VIP, ceramics, golds, (no CenterTrac please), Counterweights, any that have a bearing/bead for string tension.

Please note that color ways that are listed are a guideline in many cases, not a hard rule. Don’t be afraid to send that DM!


You know that yo-yo, those non-CenterTrac bearings, or that tension reducing counter weight you don’t use or just don’t like?

Perhaps that pair of non-Ultralight Side Effects you don’t care for?

I’ll give you stuff for them!

B-Grades Welcome!

In case you missed it, I’ve got kids. Kids are like Velociraptors. They knock everything over, snort, squeal and leap all over the place. The phrase, ”This is why we can’t have nice things,” comes to mind :joy:

My Velociraptors would love to try some new skill toys with me, and my wife would love this stuff to be gone!



:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: NEW ITEM AVAILABLE :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

:stop_sign: OneDrop Deep State with FREE Spare Set of SideEffects
Hair Band color way, silver Ultralights included FREE

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOURS FOR $55 SHIPPED!! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: (CONUS Only)

I’ve decided to let this one go. A need for extra cash has arisen, and this was the only throw I wouldn’t miss. One of only four OneDrops I own, this one has gotten the least amount of use…though, regrettably, has sustained the most damage.

Just a few weeks ago, while walking my dog and on an epic looping spree, it came unscrewed and I watched in horror as each half sailed off into the distance, then bounced along the concrete. Two deep dings that break the anodizing (pictured). To me, it still plays smooth, but to be safe…let’s say it has some minor vibe.

If the price is too high, make an offer. I’m basing it off the other Deep States I’ve seen here, most of the ones I’ve seen have been solid colors. Using the average selling price of those, I added $25 then subtracted $10 for the dings. I’m flexible!

OneDrop Deep State Pics:

More pics/videos available upon request!

Here for a New Tech Toy?? HUZZAH! I’m Looking For New Throw Toys!!
:notes::notes: Oh where, oh where have my Pocket Throws gone? Oh where, oh where, could they be…? :notes::notes:


UPDATES :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU NEED TO KNOW!!
:stop_sign: Steam Controller: TRADED
:stop_sign: SNES Classic Mini: TRADED
:stop_sign: G-SKILL 16GB DDR RAM, Dual 8GB Sticks, NEW IN BOX: SOLD
:stop_sign: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G-LTE (Black, 42mm) FREE EXTRAS: SOLD
:stop_sign: OneDrop DeepState with FREE Spare Set of SideEffects: TRADED
:white_check_mark: AMD FX Black Edition, 8 Core Processor, NEW IN BOX, for trade or sale $90: AVAILABLE
:white_check_mark: Throwback Skill Toys, Winter Solstice (Galaxy), $35: AVAILABLE

Don’t wait, and let these deals slip by! I’m GIVING this stuff away for THROWS! NO tech store on EARTH has a PRICE SO LOW!

What’s that? A bird? A Plane? No! It’s that unused, extra, or disliked yo-yo just crying for a new home. Send the DM that will send it to it’s forever-home, and you’re saving a life! :laughing:

I’m also looking for less conventional throws, like Off-String, and other skill toys like Kendama and Begleri to round out the Skill-Toy Starter Set I’m building for my three Velociraptors (my three boys :joy:)!


Where are all the entry-level, convertible throws hiding:question::question:

There’s gotta be someone out there with a few Speedaholic XX’s, MK1 Contacts, First Bases, Duncan Freehand AL’s, iYoYo Shooting Stars (1 down, just 2 to go!) or Passions who is in need of some new tech!

Three of a kind to win The Great Throw-Yo Race!

I’m also looking for other skill-toys!

Don’t be shy! I’m in a good mood and will probably say, YES!


Does no one out there need a healer in their party?? Trade for the 8300 Black Edition and the 16GB RAM and you could build a gaming PC for your wife or girlfriend!


On the fence about a trade?

May I present to you…my feedback thread!

More feedback pending, references available upon request.

Does no one have some MK1 Contacts, Shooting Stars, First Bases, Passions…who is also in need of new Tech Toys? They’d make a GREAT GIFT too!

:notes::notes: Oh where, oh where have the convertibles gone…oh where, oh where could they be…? :notes::notes:


:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: NEW ITEMS ADDED!! :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:
Prices are SHIPPED—CONUS Only Please & Thank You!

WHO’S AWESOME:question::exclamation:
:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU ARE :exclamation::exclamation: :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

Alrighty…I’m tossing these into the pot to try to push this project of mine over the edge. The kids are set for their throws at this point. A big shout out to everyone who helped make that possible! Now, I’m trying to tie this off for them by getting them the Kendamas, and Begleri which means I need to raise some extra funds.

I know, these may not be on any of your MUST HAVE lists, but they’d make a good gift for someone starting to get serious about throwing, or an entry throw for someone wanting to start unresponsive!

:checkered_flag::trophy: WE’RE SO CLOSE TO THE FINISH LINE!! :checkered_flag::trophy:

From left to right, Manufacturer, Name color way (notes) $$

:white_check_mark: YoTricks, Winter Solstice Galaxy (super smooth, 2nd owner, no visible damage) $35
:stop_sign: YYF, MVP 3 Aqua Dip, Paul Kerbel Wreathe Edition (smoothest finish I’ve felt, 2nd owner, one small flat spot on rim, one small ding on other, see pics) $45
:stop_sign: YoTricks, Arcade Galaxy (super smooth, near mint, not b-grade but anno seems pale—came that way) $35
:stop_sign: Recess, Snack Gusher (3 dings, shown in pic but doesn’t effect play—just not a fan of the gloss finish since I’m working on grinds) $30

Feel free to DM offers or request more pics!
Tech is still available if anyone wants to grab any of it!


I gotta chime in and just say I love your BST posts. The whole vibe, the personal stories, the nice formatting :ok_hand:

Someone please buy this man’s Snack. It’s a wonderful throw and that colorway is absolute fire.


:arrow_up: Pictured Above: A Genius in His Natural Habitat :arrow_up:


Thank you, my man! That really means a lot. I’ve been more than a little worried I’ve been coming off too…used car salesman :sweat_smile:

I’m usually not the guy who’s all enthusiastic, but two notable exceptions are: yo-yo’s and my family :sunglasses:

Listen to this genius above—he is a Sage, with wisdom beyond his years

(See what I did? “Sage”…? Cuz the yo-yo…? I’m also Nationally Ranked in Dad Jokes :joy:)


UPDATES :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU NEED TO KNOW!!
:stop_sign: Steam Controller: TRADED
:stop_sign: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G w/ FREE Extras: TRADED
:stop_sign: YYF, MVP 3: TRADED
:stop_sign: OneDrop, Deep State w/ Extra SE’s: TRADED
:stop_sign: SNES Classic Mini: TRADED
:stop_sign: G-SKILL 16GB DDR RAM, Dual 8GB Sticks, NEW IN BOX: SOLD
:stop_sign: Recess, Snack (Gusher): TRADED
:stop_sign: Throwback Skill Toys, Arcade (Galaxy): TRADED
:white_check_mark: AMD FX Black Edition, 8 Core Processor, NEW IN BOX, for trade or sale ($90): AVAILABLE
:white_check_mark: Throwback Skill Toys, Winter Solstice (Galaxy): AVAILABLE

Don’t wait, and let these deals slip by!

What’s that? A bird? A Plane? No! It’s that unused, extra, or disliked Kendama or Begleri just crying for a new home. Send the DM that will send it to it’s forever-home, and you’re saving a life! :laughing:

Thank you to all you awesome people who’ve helped me get the yo-yo part of this project taken care of! You guys rock! :facepunch: Now, I need to get the other main pieces to complete the dream: Kendama and Begleri will round out the Best Skill Toy Starter Set In The World I’m building for my three Velociraptors (my boys :joy:)!

:checkered_flag::trophy: WE’RE SO CLOSE TO THE FINISH LINE! BUY A THROW AND WE WIN THE GOLD!! :trophy::checkered_flag:
I get these may not be anything you’re dying for, but they’d make great gifts! How does no one need a healer? I mean, really? Good healz are so hard to come by…

I am still open to trades for BEGLERI and KENDAMAS! There also may be some throws from my personal wishlist that I wouldn’t say “no” to! (cough!) Dressel Designs, 50/50! (cough!) :sweat_smile:

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To the tune of “I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener…”

:notes::notes: So I’m sure someone out there needs a HEALER…we all know just how hard they are to
Fiiii——nd! So I’m sure someone out there needs a HEALER…a 50/50 sure would be mighty fiii——ne!

We’re all nerds here—it’s ok to admit you play Spread Sheet: Online— er, um, I mean EVE: Online :sweat_smile:

When you’re out in the cold, merciless expanse of Null-Sec, :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: you need a reliable Logi Pilot by your side, with a reliable gaming machine—NOT some Leroy Jenkins who has to play in Potato Mode!

When you’ve got GoonSwarm pouring in from all Gates, and you’re screaming for healz, crying as your armor flashes red, and you’re wondering why, oh WHY did I bring my clone with all my implants and mods?! AND IN MY MOST EXPENSIVE SHIP?!

”Just a patrol,” they said. “Quick in, quick out—launch the smart bombs and bug out…” they told you. “Goons left the sector after we took out their supply depot,” they assured you.

Next thing you know, things get eerily quiet, and you can practically hear Admiral Ackbar saying, IT’S A TRAP! But it’s too late. Leroy, in his Logi Ship flies past. Throwing you deuces as he peaces out, leaving you and your very large, very expensive Tech III bomber.

You’re twelve jumps away from home. Try as they might, your Corp-Mates will never reach you in time. Fight? Or flee?

Freakin’ Leroy… You curse the day you met him. Hasn’t upgraded his PC since the Stone Age. Now you’re low-hanging fruit for cold embrace of the expanse. On the plus side, someone will likely save this clone while it’s floating out there, and sell it on the black market, you think to yourself. Chuckling.


Note: While buying a throw will not save you from Leroy, it helps me get the last two sets of items I need for my project for my boys—thereby making you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: an awesome person! :muscle::trophy:


Soooo…I have a confession to make…
…I’m running out of fun, and creative ways to bump this.

This time, I figured I’d update everyone on the status of this monster of a project, since more than a few of you have made meaningful contributions to it.

This whole thing started a few weeks ago as, “I’ll get us some yoyos and it’ll be so cool! Less TV, improved hand-eye-coordination and fine motor skills, plus quality time! HUZZAH!” That lasted about two days before it had morphed into the beast that it is currently. It turns out that things increasing and fine tuning hand/eye coordination, and fine motor skills can be very helpful for kids on the spectrum. Our youngest ranges from moderate to severe depending on the day, and our middle, who was just last week confirmed, is on the mild side with Asperger’s. All of us have a seriously healthy helping of ADHD, so it’s a mad house.

“Why stop at yoyos?” I asked myself, “You have ADHD hard core, just like them! When is the last time you didn’t flit between a million different things all at once?” touche’ brain…touche’

After watching some various skill toy videos with them, I asked which caught their eye the most. We watched Kendama, Begleri, Off-String, juggling, and magic (I mean, duh :joy:). Of those, they loved Kendama, thought Begleri was super cool because of how portable it is, seriously dug Off-String (I’m not crazy enough to arm them with plastic canons of mass destruction, though :rofl:). To my dismay, neither was into the magic. They enjoyed watching the juggling, but didn’t want to pursue it.

When they asked why I had them watch those videos, I masterfully dodged the question… by leaving the room. I’m a freakin’ dad ninja of next level skills! :ninja::sunglasses:

My goal of just getting the yo-yos, alone, by themselves, was…daunting. I originally thought if I could do that in two months, I’d more or less be right on track to have one heck of a Crate O’ Awesome around the holidays, and when Cabin Fever is starting to set in. My back up plan, if it looked like it was going to take longer to get the Kendama and Begleri, was to split the big reveal into three smaller reveals. Not as cool, or grand, but…did I mention the ADHD? Patience is NOT a virtue in this house, lemme’ tell you what. Until recently, I had given up on trying to do the big reveal like I wanted. I just didn’t see how I’d be able to get so many toys, ranging in price from $30-$60+ per item.

Suddenly, I’m in this incredible community, and I have all the yo-yos taken care of…five times faster than I could have hoped. What I expected to take months, took barely two weeks. Now, I’m scrambling like a madman to figure out how to get the last two sets of toys that I need, so I can do The Grand Reveal I originally envisioned, and quickly dismissed as a pipe dream.

Emboldened by the fantastic response I’ve gotten in regard to this project from so many of you, I’ve decided to try reaching out to some Begleri/Kendama designers through email. Hopefully they’ll respond similarly, and I can put a bow on this. It’s been rough seas over here, skill toy hunting and dad scheming aside, and I know this would just…blow the kids minds if I can pull this off.


I played spreadsheets in space for a while a couple years ago. Have a few million isk and trained up to fly a tier three scanner, and a big drone ship. Man that game is cool. Never really got into the spreadsheets, tho.

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UPDATES :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU NEED TO KNOW!!
:stop_sign: Steam Controller: TRADED
:stop_sign: Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G w/ FREE Extras: TRADED
:stop_sign: YYF, MVP 3: TRADED
:stop_sign: OneDrop, Deep State w/ Extra SE’s: TRADED
:stop_sign: SNES Classic Mini: TRADED
:stop_sign: Throwback Skill Toys, Arcade: TRADED
:stop_sign: G-SKILL 16GB DDR RAM, Dual 8GB Sticks, NEW IN BOX: SOLD
:stop_sign: Recess, Snack (Gusher): TRADED
:white_check_mark: AMD FX Black Edition, 8 Core Processor, NEW IN BOX, for trade or sale ($90): AVAILABLE
:white_check_mark: Throwback Skill Toys, Winter Solstice (Galaxy) $35: AVAILABLE

There Can Be Only ONE… Throw!

I’ve got updates!

Wow, guys—it’s been a crazy couple of days! There was a sudden whirlwind of trades, one sale, all of which were shipped today! Each of you were contacted earlier and provided with your tracking number. Though, I wish you great luck in actually trying to track anything. USPS seems to be having serious issues lately that only get worse. Hopefully it clears up soon.

I’m officially OUT of TRADE and SELL stock! With the exception of what is still listed as available, of course. My already modest collection, which I really had no intention of thinning because…I didn’t have much fat to trim in the first place…is officially down to either A) Bare bones, rather die before I sell/trade it, or B) Is part of the kids project.

The continued support from this community is beginning to border on overwhelming! I’m hesitant to list names yet, but I’m definitely keeping track. I could not be doing this without you guys! THANK YOU!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve made a couple trades for myself. I was so focused on getting the kids squared away, and then, suddenly, THEY WERE! I figured it’d be ok to check a couple off my own wishlist, at this point.

I’m shy 2 Kendamas, and 3 Begleri— it’s at the point where I feel like the infrequency of my monthly pay is the only problem. :joy: Which makes me laugh because…this was an insane plan to begin with, that was impossible on my own. Yet, here we are. SO CLOSE TO THE FINISH LINE!! :checkered_flag::trophy:

:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: YOU GUYS ROCK!!! :muscle::facepunch:

My middle son’s birthday is next month—that’s our GRAND REVEAL DEADLINE! That gives me time to get another pay check, and tie off any remaining items. Then, I get to pack it all up in a super awesome way. I know a few of you guys have kids; with siblings, everyone has to get something on the other’s birthday—unless you want to live Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome, Back Yard Edition! :rofl:

Do you guys want a video of the boys opening the box? In my mind, it’s a bejeweled, pirate treasure chest, with gold inlay and rubies the size of my fist…I’m told that’s “not realistic” though. I’m totally down to make a video of the reveal, if you’d get a kick out of that, let me know!

@safetypin I KNEW IT! :rofl: Totally got that vibe from our DM’s. A niche, within a niche…there’s always a few of us lol. We’re the gamers that every other kind of gamer fears. So, you definitely need a healer/Logi Pilot. Seriously, wives and girlfriends are great at that. It’s the whole convincing them to do it that’s hard. Building or upgrading her rig is a great peace offering before the whole wind up and pitch…straight off the learning cliff! :rofl::rofl:


Yes please!


:notes::notes: It’s the final count-down! :notes::notes:

So many goodies in the mail today!

Grand Reveal Check List:
1) Awesome, metal throws for when they progress, and as nice keepsakes :white_check_mark:
(these particular throws can, in fact, be converted to be responsive. That’s a super secret, though :shushing_face:)

2) Quality, reliable, highly recommended and convertible beginner throws :white_check_mark:
(I narrowed my advice thread down to the Top 3 most recommended, and managed to trade for these babies brand new, still in their boxes!)

3) Solid and well made beginner Kendama’s :white_check_mark:
(Generously provided by some new friends—you guys are killing me lol :sweat_smile:)

4) Begleri…of the…beginner…? Variety…? :rotating_light::stop_sign::rotating_light: (I’m honestly not even sure if that’s a thing. Is that a thing?)

5) Find, create, or loot a giant, bejeweled pirate treasure chest with rubies the size of my fist! :pirate_flag::trophy::checkered_flag:

We’ll be the pirates who pirate pirates! The GOOD pirates!

THAT is a A LOT of green checks on that list, my dudes! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer::muscle::facepunch: :trophy:

It appears that the Begleri is the final sticking point. All I really know about it, is that they’re typically metal beads—but, I know I’ve seen plastic (Delrin, maybe?) ones in videos. I know that Lathed Back Designs makes Phat Poi’s, which appear to be a plastic version of their titanium Quantum Colliders.

Sadly, they appear completely sold out.


I don’t what to say, guys. We’re ONE skill-toy set away from putting a bow on this project for my boys! That’s SO AWESOME! The list of people who’ve helped make this possible has gotten so long that it has genuinely restored a portion of my faith in humanity. A task that, until the other day, even my wife would have called impossible.

The Kendama’s should arrive before the weekend. Over the weekend, I plan on determining whether or not natural Kendama balls can be painted. It’d be awesome if I can customize them to each of my Velociraptors!

The sooner I can get the final pieces, the sooner I can get on to final preparations: customization and presentation! I’m kind of a boss at both those things :sunglasses: My inner Theatre Kid comes out to galavant and jazz-square this thing right out the park!

MAGIC FINGERS! :open_hands:

I will definitely take a video of The Grand Reveal and post it for you guys!


The Phat Poi are more like giant begleri. They’re humongous. Closer to a nunchuck than to beads.


it’s really easy to make monkey fist begleri with paracord and marbles. i did that for myself and my daughter. can’t tell you how it compares to a purchased set. There’s also a video for how to do it with hex nuts, but i had marbles laying around.