PumpkinHed - Creepy 5A Counterweight

Not ready to give up Halloween? Well, neither am I! Keep it spooky year-round with these freshly-carved counterweights from Dedhed Designs. Presenting….the PumpkinHed.

Like all dedweights, the PumpkinHed is designed with quality, function and form in mind. Not your friendly neighborhood jack-o-lantern, the PumpkinHed’s fiendish face is pierced by its own vine that protrudes through its evil grin.

Weighing in at an average of 11 grams, the petrifying PumpkinHed packs the perfect balance of size and weight. Just like its ghoulish counterpart, the PumpkinHed is protected by Cerakote–an aviation grade ceramic coating that preserves that signature dedweight vibrance and clarity.

Pick your pumpkin today in one of two creepy colorways:

Classic Eve Color Variant - Classic Eve is a timeless twist on the color combo that screams HAPPY HALLOWEEN! The rich, vivid orange is emboldened by a glossy mist of opaque black, delivering contrast and shadows to its sinister smile. It may be Halloween every day at Dedhed Designs, but these Classic Eve PumpkinHeds won’t last long! Just eight weights were produced for this very limited run, so snag your pumpkin before the patch is picked clean!

Fluorescent Fiend Orange Color Variant - The Fluorescent Fiend is fully charged to light up your 5A game! Concocting the perfect potion to bring this neon orange to life tested the limits of the Dedhed Lab. Hand painting just couldn’t deliver the dazzling vibrance that defines dedweights. Instead, the color was carefully blended into the resin, concentrating the electrifying fluorescence. The result is a vivid, semi-translucent neon orange that flaunts remarkable brilliance anywhere it’s thrown. Due to the difficult and delicate process required to produce them, the Fluorescent Fiend PumpkinHeds are limited to a run of just two. These ultra-rare counterweights are a collector’s dream, so act fast!

Both colors are available for $20 plus free shipping in the United States. DM for orders


These are insane brother

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……A ‘run’ of 2?

Isn’t that more like a beer fart on a windy day?

Funny :joy:

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Thank you so much, I really appreciate it

Some more pictures :slight_smile:


The Fluorescent Fiend is officially sold out, still have a couple of the Classic Eves’ left


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