PumpkinHeds 25% Off Today

Starting today for Black Friday, all PumpkinHeds are on sale for only $15 and include free shipping in the U.S. This offer is valid for today only so snag them while it last.

Weighing in at an average of 11 grams, the petrifying PumpkinHed packs the perfect balance of size and weight. Just like its ghoulish counterpart, the PumpkinHed is protected by Cerakote–an aviation grade ceramic coating that preserves that signature dedweight vibrance and clarity.

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Update - Only 4 Left! Make sure to snag one before this batch is completely gone

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Update - Only 3 Left Now

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Extending this deal for today, Second Chance Sunday to pick up a PumpkinHed for only $15 or any two counterweights for $25

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