Need to Sell❗️ Slam Dunk $40 Shipped❗️

@EdDude I’m sorry man, there’s been a lot going on here and I haven’t stayed on top of this very well. I traded the Kanto pretty quick.

Only the Slam Dunk, Malivore, Arbiter (:arrow_up: above) and Goji (:arrow_down: below) remain, all others have been traded/sold! Thanks!

:rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light: NEW ITEM :rotating_light::rotating_light::rotating_light:

Atmos Projects, Goji Indigo Dusk—MINT with box! $45 SHIPPED (also available for trade!)

Thrown it a few times, and really dig this one. Great weight, great feel.



:rotating_light::rotating_light:Arbiter, Slam Dunk & Malivore AVAILABLE:rotating_light::rotating_light:


Quick bump

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The following still need new homes!

GWAY Malivore, Copper Mine (NMTBS, pic above)

Jake Bullock Slam Dunk, Bape Swap (NMTBS, pic above)

G2 Arbiter, Indigo Dreams (some vibe and battle scars from one of those mean 5A players, see pic and description above)

I still need a Galaxy, Blurple and Fist Salud 50/50 to have the full set. My Kanto is stripped :sob:, so I’d definitely love to trade for a new one. I’d also cherish a Mini Banshee, Mini Banshee Wide, Basilisk D, or Warhawk!

Not all heroes wear capes, my dudes!

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An undersized bi-metal, such as a Masamini V2, certainly would look amazing on my wall.

…just sayin. :grin:

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Bumpin up


We all know my beloved pockets, minis and micros can be a pain to move…unless they’re moving to my wall :grin:

At this point, the right person, with any one of the above mentioned throws, could get all three that I have left.

I’m a completionist and I NEED to complete my mission to have all new throws!

…seriously it’s painful :sweat_smile:.

And bump bump bump

Fist bump

Take Both For $65 Shipped!
LEFT: GWAY Malivore—NMTBS, full of D-Bearing Goodness!. RIGHT: Slam Dunk—NMTBS, Organic Bi-metal Power house!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, it’d be fantastic to sell these quickly. Don’t be afraid to send an offer for the pair!


Saturday morning bump

Sunday Morning Bump! I can ship tomorrow!

Malivore SOLD! Thanks! $40 Shipped takes the Slam Dunk with Next Day Shipping!

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