Can you please post in this thread what was in the mystery box when yours shows up?
I missed out on it this year and want to know what was inside.



This is what I got:

New Popstar
Flight (I think)
Bag to hold 4 throws

I’m pretty excited for the popstar the most! Didnt get it way back when so I’m happy :>


I don’t play 4A but I want that Flight! ;D Love the tortoise shell look!


Yeah that’s what I got too.


wow those color ways are sick!


Wow, exactly what I predicted!!! :slight_smile:
Congrats on the boxes to those that ordered them!


The new popstar looks great!


If someone wants to sell or trade their Flight let me know ;D


I will take a better photo when I get back from class but the color for my flight a marbled black/red, assuming YYE colorway. While my popstar was red white and blue! The day dream is a orange red marble. The boss is a standard red color.


Ill trade you. I get mine tommrow!


I want to see a picture of the inside of one of those cases.

(Rock Shouse) #12

Yeah! Me too!


Same… :wink: and another shot of the new Popstar


Wow, so glad I didn’t pull the trigger on the mystery box this year. It’s a great deal, but I have a flight, have the daydream, hate the popstar, and have a good bag. The boss looks cool, but I can purchase that by itself if I really want it.


not my pic, got it from reddit


Here are pictures of the color variations. I’ll be happy to post more pictures if anyone else wants.


So are there any variations to the mystery box?


The new Popstar does look pretty awesome. Haven’t had anything YYF for a while now, might have to change that if they release it with some nice colorways.


That new Popstar looks interesting. Can anyone compare it to the original? I generally liked the first one, but I thought it was just a tad heavy for its size.


I got the marble red/black flight, red/black popstar, skyblue/white daydream, and purple boss.

Glad I got the purple boss, but would have liked other colorways for the others. Red white and blue popstar sounds boss :confused:

Love the bag, and I didn’t have one so it really helps.