My new yo-yo storage solution (customized IKEA cabinet)

Hello forum pals!

I, like many of you, have amassed quite a large collection of throws. I was keeping them on my desk, but that started to get messy and eat into my workspace. I purchased a couple soda crates from Michael’s that are nice, but a little bulky, and when I went to get more but they seem to have been discontinued. I considered making some hard cases, but didn’t like the idea of having to take them out and open the lids every time I wanted a throw. After much research, I have planned an executed a solution that I’m quite proud of: a modified IKEA Alex filing cabinet.

This cabinet caught my eye because it had wide shallow drawers that seemed perfect for yo-yos. After confirming that the measurements would work, I picked it up at my local store and built it. I was disappointed to learn that the drawers don’t extend fully but after some quick googling I found a video made by a very helpful makeup artist that described the process of modifying the rails to extend further. This made the drawers quite unstable but with some tinkering I was able to devise a modification to her technique that significantly improved the drawer action. I purchased some large sheets of charcoal foam online (1” for the yo-yo holders and 1/4” for the backing) and spent many hours on the floor with a ruler and an empty tomato paste can making the cutouts.

I’m very happy with the end result. It’s compact and unassuming, but it allows my entire collection to be easily accessible. It also keeps my throws nice and safe. It wasn’t too expensive either, I spent $130 for the drawers and $40 for the foam. Hopefully this post is useful to other people struggling to find the perfect storage solution!

I know this isn’t FurnitureExpert so here are some yo-yo pictures:

ILYY, Atmos, Static, SF, and Core Co

CLYW, Good Life, MFD and a lone Hydrangea

Markmont, One Drop, General-Yo, and fixies

G2 and some smaller groupings (OST, PDX, YYF, BBB, Duncan, H-Spin, etc)

One-offs and newer brands

I still have some special throws in soda crates on my desk.

One is all A-rt

The other has Anti-yo, RSO, Luftverk, and other Ti

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed!


I’ve seen a lot of displays in my time on this forum, and yours is easily the best made/best looking for a collection of your size. And the throws you have in there are beyond insane as well!

Do you have a link to the foam you used? Looks like it’s much more easily cut and better looking than your typical arts and crafts store foam. My girlfriend and I are trying to get the foam in my display case right but it’s super difficult to cut. Any links/help would be appreciated!


Thanks for the kind words @SR1!

This is the foam I used:

I found it to be very easy to cut, I didn’t even have to lubricate the can with soapy water like you see in most tutorials.


Very nicely organized collection.


Impressive indeed, both the cabinet and the collection!! I thought I was going nuts at 22 throws. :slight_smile:

How long have you been collecting?


This is trully the next level.


Excellent and elegant solution! Gorgeous collection too.


Absolutely super-collection man… you have a classy display case… with several levels/drawers and specialty cases for anti-yo/rso/a/rt are so excellent in size and selection… your interest are very similar it seems…


I’ve been playing on and off since 2007 but I’ll admit that most of these are recent acquisitions. Being stuck in the house with nothing to do has resulted in a lot of yo-yo collecting…


how many yoyos do you have in total @mmuuggwwoorrtt

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:hushed:What a good way to save the collection !!
it looks great👌🏻



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this is incredible. love the look, just immaculate presentation. i need to do this myself!

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Oh hey brother… what’s missing fro the A/rt
Case??? Bottom left has no throw? Are you using during your pictures maybe?


Around 200!

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It’s an empty spot for now. I still need to find a Junior and a 420 light if any one is looking to part with either…

nice work my dude

what is your favorite if you had to choose ill let you pick two out of all 200

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Smh and here I was wondering when the first 288-yoyo cases would be coming out. Finally, a section of the yoyo market that isn’t yet saturated!


Tough question…

I’ll go with something old and something new(er)