WTB a Michael’s Soda Crate

Hello fellow throwers, I have an somewhat unusual ask today. I am on the hunt for another one of the discontinued Artminds soda crates that used to be sold at Michael’s. I know they’re a commonly used display around these parts so I figured someone may have an extra they don’t need. I’ll happily pay full price + shipping since I know this is a somewhat bulky item. I’m looking specifically for the one pictures (24 slots and made of light wood) to match my other two. My only special request is that this crate comes from a non-smoking household, I unfortunately have quite sensitive allergies to smoke.

Thank you!

Pic of my display for attention:


I’ve been collecting scraps of wood from the cabinet shop next to where I work in order to make something like that, but time poverty has been the issue.


That sounds like a good project! If I wasn’t so picky about it matching my others I would make something too

I hear you. And no matter how hard I try, it will still come out looking a little rough. Those crates look really nice. Hopefully they’ll come back from somewhere. I just did a quick peruse at a container store and couldn’t find anything that would work like that. Tea boxes are close, but they don’t seem to cater to people who drink 25+ different teas (never mind 40+ which is what I’m thinking of building). :nerd_face:

My main storage solution is a set of drawers from ikea that I’ve customized to accommodate YoYos but there’s still a portion of my collection that I want visible on my desk. Maybe Michael’s will start selling them again when a 4x8 sheet of ply doesn’t cost as much as a new high end throw :laughing:

Oh yeah, I’ve heard people complaining about that.

Bump, please help me find a crate!

I go to antique stores and get old soda crates. They’re like $5-$10.


Oh they discontinued these? Now I’m probably going to keep mine…

Was planning to sell my crate if I ever manage to whittle my collection down to a minimum. (Doubt that is going to happen soon…)

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