My new yo-yo storage solution (customized IKEA cabinet)

What’s the rail mod you did?

I of course see this after going to IKEA this morning but I also know I’ll be back there at some point.

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This is the video I used. As I mentioned, I modified her technique slightly. Rather than cutting off the majority of the plastic piece that holds the bearings, I cut out the middle and then slid the two ends back on the rail. I can clarify further if you need help.

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Ohhhh what’s the oversized ART on the top right ?


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I think I need to try one :hot_face: haven’t tried any A-RT yet I just got hip

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It’s in my top 5, definitely my best playing oversized throw

Nice. I love my 54 - one of my favourites. Plays better than the Parlay IMO although the specs are almost identical.

Can anyone give me a valid link to some soda crates?!

I read from someone that they were discontinued. Not sure how accurate that is but I’m pretty sure all the things you read on the internet are accurate true facts.

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Correct… Michaels use to sell beautifully made crates.

Long discontinued now.

Other sources on the internet sell ‘soda crates’ but for whatever reason they feel the crates should go for some kinda Supernatural prices.


Yep, I just bit the bullet on one for my lab tech.


Tea Boxes are also a nice storage solution if you can’t find crates;

These Joie ones fit OD boxes perfectly;