Modern Responsive

I can understand that.


The trick is to nag @Glenacius_K a little but not so much that he bumps you down his commission list…


L seems polycarb is a pain point with how Duncan is also really not interested in doing it again for the feeehands.

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I don’t agree with Glen here, but it’s not a priority for me to push that idea anyhow

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It won’t work properly unless it is hollow bodied and hollow bodied plastics are very expensive to make.

Sure, we could make one that is solid, but it will be small or a squashed flat weird shape, but that would be…weird

Sometimes weird is good but sounds like y’all have stuff in the works anyway.

I say we just wait patiently for their next release… I for one am not upset that it is not plastic.

I mean as patiently as we “Can” wait.


so this just got a rerun out of nowhere :open_mouth:

metal version of saber wing / stealth raider / aqua dragon by turning point.


I love the Stealth Raider and have drooled over the Remix from Turning Point. :drooling_face:

I’m not familiar with the Stealth Raider. I’ll check it out. All three of the new Duncans, Freehand Mini, FH2 and World Class can be made responsive pretty easily. I’ve got both versions of the Mini and the World Class and they throw great. I was pushing the small bearing Mini I’ve been having a lot of fun with my Samurai.


The Stealth Raider is a plastic winged Raider from Yomega. The Stealth Remix is an aluminum version of that yo-yo made by Turning Point. That’s the one I’ve drooled over. :grin:


Understood. I struggled to understand spending too much drool over a Raider.


Where?? Sorry for the double post.

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I will say that yeah the Kasm is fantastic it’s a really great throw that I enjoy and reach for often! Need doing a lot with it lately.

I run it with a thick Lube drop and Mix in the fixed set up too. It’s a solid throw.

Other yoyos i like (and own) for Modern Responsive Play ( all I do any more) is
The ZGRT El Mijo i absolutely love the response it’s the bench more for me on the feel I want. I like both the Poly and the Al tho I find I’m grabbing the Poly more often recently.

Those are my top 2

All my yo-yos have are now getting the Silicone grease, i prefer the response over a semi responsive feel

When going to the silicone grease now i love the feel of me Delrin Gamer even more. That rounds out my top 3

Those are way ime liking mostly hese days for this style.