Need help finding the right yoyo

I am looking for a metal responsive yoyo for mostly 1a tricks. I know that most of the metals are unresponsive but I prefer responsive play. So far I’ve found a few options. The metal drifter, Yoyo King Spin Control R, dv888, and moonshine 2.0. If anyone has any other suggestions or input on the ones already listed I would really appreciate it. Thanks


Welcome to the forums. Dv888 is not a great choice for responsive. Spin Control is on the smallish size (I have one). Everyone seems to swear by the One Drop Deep State or Deeper State.

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Those are out of stock. Magic yoyo has some good options look them up on a few websites. Orrrrrr just slab some lube on your favorite unresponsive should do the trick

Moonshine 2.0 is very nice, I also do like the newest version of the metal drifter with a slim bearing in it.


the yyf dna 7068 is a very good responsive yoyo that can be changed over to unresponsive. i’ve had a couple of these…


My favorites are the Alleycat 650b, Butterfly AL, and G2 Respawn.

I haven’t played it but the Daytripper has gotten a lot of love recently, though you just missed out on the pre-orders (they closed today). Weekender is also said to be good.

I have a DNA that I played semi-responsive for a bit, but it’s a bit heavy (~65g) to play responsive for my tastes.

For some responsive 1A I have always been impressed with the Sherpa. One of my personal favorites;

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Thanks for all the suggestions!