Looking for good responsive yo yo


Had fun with a cheap Duncan 15 years ago and after my son received a yo yo for Christmas, I kind of want to get one too. I’d like to get a responsive metal yo yo if anyone can recommend a good one. Plastic would be ok too but not my first choice.


(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

Alley cat 650b or Deep State are both great. Confusion is also really good. There are some great yoyos in your future!


Strong recommendation for the Confusion!

(ClockMonsterLA) #4

Depending on who responds, you’ll see the following slimline metal responsives recommended:

  • Deep State
  • AlleyCat (650b)
  • Confusion
  • The Gamer
  • Sherpa


Duncan stock Metal Drifter, it is less expensive then the ones mentioned above, consistently in stock and is equally as fun.
Metal Drifter

Duncan - Redesigned For Modern Performance!

Metal Drifter

(shubham) #6

Get wedge.


He specifically said metal responsive, how does wedge fit?

(shubham) #8

When there are better options in plastic why to go for metal. In responsive whip is great yoyo.

(shubham) #9

I mean not wedge . I thought wedge can play responsive and unresponsive . But it doesn’t go for whip.


Nah get a Metal Racer

(shubham) #11

Go for YoTricks fizz yoyo. It’s a plastic.


i would definitely recommend a whip since its essentially your first yoyo, which youll probably be hitting everywhere.

(shubham) #13

It cost 24 dollars and is old always go for latest toys for quality and design.

(shubham) #14

Mostly all responsive plastics cost less than 15$ .

(ChrisFrancz) #15

Best advice: Browse and read the specs for your price range.

(Bryan) #16

First Base by Recess, can be responsive and unresponsive, but its plastic.


Yoyofactory Confusion is the correct answer. Great responsive throw at a good price.


It is VERY hard to go wrong with the Confusion. So fun, and relatively inexpensive.

(Justin Thompson) #19

I’m curious about the Confusion GT, my SB2 seems quite similar to the stock GT. Anyone have experience with the GT, I want another dedicated responsive since my son made my V6 disappear

(ChrisFrancz) #20

Get another V6…