Quick discussion/comparison of modern responsive yoyos

I just wanted to start a little dialogue about my (limited) experience with modern responsive yo-yo models and my thoughts on them.

I just started throwing again 3 months ago after a 22 years hiatus. I like to include that as a reference point for where my thinking might be stunted when it comes to how others review these things.

So I just kind of wanted to start a general dialogue comparing some of the modern responsive I’ve acquired these last few months.

They are:
The YYF Confusion
The Red Blood Cell
The YYR Impact
The One Drop Deep State
The new Bimetal Bumble bee.

The Deep State is my most recent (just got it yesterday). It’s definitly got the semi-responsive feel of the Confusion, but much lighter in feel. I really enjoy it! Super fun yo-yo.

The Bimetal bumble bee was a tremendous disappointment to me as I stated in my review of it a month ago.

The YYR Impact surprised me. It’s heavy as hell, coming in at 67 grams. But man it’s a fun yo-yo. You can get a lot done with it, it doesn’t hurt the hand, and it looks striking and modern. Very fun.

The RED BLOOD CELL- this to me is just the mother of all modern responsives. It ticks all the boxes. There are things that it can’t do that the deep state and confusion can do, but the organic smooth flow of the yo-yo is just simply unmatched. I want to preserve one in an environmentally controlled time capsule for my grandchildren just so they can enjoy the beauty.

The confusion is a great deal for the money and a boatload of fun- but I think that the deep state and the RBC have outdone it.

I havnt had the chance to play with a Daytripper or an Alleycat, so I’d be interesting to hear some input as to what I might find out of those models if I were able to awwuire one at some point.

Anyway- I just want to say that I love that modern responsive play is getting more attention and holy ■■■■ I will be a fanboy for the RBC for as long as I live. Word of advice to Soinworthy and MK1. Make some T shirts or something. I’d buy one.


Get a Gamer if youre looking to build your collection. Its heavy but really good at 0A and just a fun throw and catch yoyo. I feel like it doesnt get enough talk in the modern responsive threads. I’ll voice my love for it any day


I’ve played an Alleycat 650B. Its not bad with a very heavily lubed bearing. It’s good for a mixture of 0A and 1A. I’m not a tremendous fan of yoyos made for both of these styles through as I find they don’t tend to do either very well.

Having said this, a lot of people have a lot of love for the 650B.


I have an RBC and a Confusion and love them both. I don’t think you can do too much better than the RBC; it’s got great weight, great response, and such a unique shape.

One throw you didn’t mention is the Butterfly XT. It’s an absolute modern responsive beast, particularly for the price. While the RBC is definitely better performing, the cost and difficulty to replace means I’m not inclined to carry it with me out of the house, so I keep a Butterfly XT as my EDC.


I’ve had everything you have except the YYR. I have also tried an AlleyCat 650b, Weekender, Daytripper, Gamer, Deeper State and SB2.

If you had to pick up one more, I’d get the Weekender or the Daytripper. Whichever one pops up first in the BST. They are the only yoyos which rival the RBC in my opinion. After the RBC, Weekender and Daytripper, I would say a greased up Deep State. I wouldn’t need anything else.

The Weekender is a normal width, the Daytripper is a skinnier width. Both are amazing. If you’re going to carry it around town all the time, get a Daytripper. If it will be played mostly at home, go with the Weekender.

I am the weird dude that traded off my entire collection for General yo yoyos. I kept the RBC, because it is the best in my opinion.


RBC shirts would be cool!


As someone who has both a Weekender and a Daytripper, I would recommend the Daytripper.
It is very close to the RBC in response.
I find the Weekender a little light for my liking


Awesome, thanks for the thoughts guys. Especially the insight regarding the weekender and daytripper.

I hadn’t heard of the Gamer but I’ll check that out.

For those responsive lovers who haven’t tried out the Impact by YYR I highly recommend it. The price is reasonable for what you get. Very reasonable. It has such a unique design and feel. It is kind of like a weapon though lol.

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The YYF Confusion has been my EDC beater for several years. I love the RBC, Daytripper, and Weekender. I still like the Alley Cat 650b and the Gamer family (still hoping for a production version of the small bearing version). I feel bad for the El Mijo because I think it’s interesting and has some neat features, but it had the bad luck of debuting at the same time as the RBC which has become the darling of the community.

I’m curious about your setup for the YYR Impact. I considered it, but from the photos it seemed like it would be suboptimal due to the response bump, response size, and recessed walls.
I love the YYF Confusion, MK1xSW RBC, DocPop Daytripper and Weekender.


Amazingly- the recessed walls don’t have any negative effect on feel and response with the Impact. I havnt had to put any lube on it on anything. And I’m just using the stock string so far. (Well actually it broke yesterday) but anyway- yeah the impact is impressive. Plays differently than it looks like it would. And despite its sharp profile and very heavy weight it does not beat up your hand. It’s a really great yoyo!

Now that you mentioned El Mijo had the bad luck of debuting at the same time as the RBC, im not sure if that’s true as I wasn’t able to grab one bro! :crazy_face::joy:

Can anyone comment how el MiJo plays? It looks indeed interesting @Malachi as you said.

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Well, I picked mine up on the BST from someone that got both the El Mijo and the RBC at the same time and decided they strongly preferred the El Mijo. The size of the run might have something to do with it, but the RBC has a (rabid?) fanbase now. (Full disclosure, I’m glad I have an El Mijo, but I’m considering ordering a second RBC just in case…)


Shout out to Doc Pop and the Weekender. Love that throw.

(not as much as I love the Mantra, but closer than most)

I’ve heard el Mijo comes with a bunch of pretty cool accessories too. I just checked ZGRT’s site and seems they are restocking it!!! :star_struck::star_struck:


Confusion will restock this summer… with hub stack posts.


FINALLY. Is it getting a weight cut too?

1 yoyo + 2 hubstacks = heavier yoyo.

Yes but if they can make a 444 with stacks as light as it is, what’s stopping them from trimming weight from the confusion elsewhere?


Only a little. The primary function (stackless) isn’t changing so we aren’t making it super light