Modern Responsive March 2024 - Week 4

Congrats everyone. To all the winners of FAF and MRM it’s been a blast and I hope yall enjoy your winnings. To the rest of us I hope we all at least took away some new moves and are better at yoyo at the end of this long 8 weeks.

2April will kick off on the 8th however in the mean time there are some neat things in the community to pass the time:

A giveaway by a cool cat @JeiCheetah

Want to keep learning check out TaW run by @GTDropKnot

Or just post a trick your working on

We will be back soon with more fun don’t worry your stuck with us.

Also look forward to a retrospective on FAF and MRM later this month
Along with an anonymous survey on how we did so you can tell us how you really feel.