Modern Responsive March 2024 - Week 4

Week 4: Unleash the Prehistoric Throwdown Finale!

Hey Hollywood Heroes and Park Adventurers! For our season finale, are you ready to journey back in time to a land of ancient wonders and prehistoric thrills? Your YoYo “will uhhh….find a way,” in Modern Responsive March (MRM) with the YoYo Boomer Club! Dig up those throws like a paleontologist as we embark on an epic adventure through YoYo Park!

Even if you have T-Rex arms, show off your most ferocious moves with our fun trick challenges for chances to win a great prize! Mr. D.N.A. is working with YoYoExperts on all kind of experiments, Velociraptors, Triceratops, Giant Mosquitos, and even Aluminum Butterflies. So let’s open up our bag of tricks as we help expand our repertoires together, and go out with a bang!

We’ve had a lot of fun this month and we hope you’ve enjoyed the cinematic journey with our TimeCorp, the Stars have shown and the videos have been on fire!

Grab your safari hat, dust off your responsive throw, and get ready for a dino-sized adventure in YoYo Park, where the bearings roar and the fun never goes extinct!

“Ah ah ah, you didn’t say the magic word…. It’s Merch!”


Trick List

Bonus Entry for Prize Drawing

In a world where the rhythm of life was set to the mesmerizing spin of responsive yo-yo’s…

…where every flick of the wrist was a dance and every challenge was a journey into the unknown.

Join us as we journey back to a time when unresponsives were but a dream, and legends were born in the arena of skill and style.

Fueled by passion and driven by friendly wagers, these brave souls would embark on a quest that would change the course of history.

Witness the birth of a new era as we defy the laws of gravity and convention.

Two yoyo’s at the same time! As stakes rise, so does the danger. With each twist and turn, they push the boundaries of what’s possible, risking it all for ultimate glory and entertainment.

Get ready to experience the thrill of the spin, the rush of the challenge, and the triumph of the human spirit.

This is a journey into the heart of innovation, and the legend of 3A yoyo-ing

Witness the revolution in motion.


Weekly Prize Raffle

This week’s trick ladder has two raffle prizes, a Duncan Butterfly AL provided by YoYoExpert, and a TimCor Starfire provided by TimCor.

Video submissions must be posted to the YoyoExpert Thread before 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time on Saturday, March 30th. Video must begin with the Modern Responsive March Sponsor image seen below at the beginning of the video. Parents or guardians may allow their children to participate by posting their videos on their behalf.

  • Post a video of a Completed Trick from the Trick list = 1 Entry into that week’s Drawing.

  • Post a video(s) of all Five Ladder Tricks Completed = 1 additional Entry into that week’s Drawing.

  • Post a video of our guest trick, “Velvet Rolls” = 1 additional Entry into this week’s drawing

Participants can only win one prize for the month of March.

After weekly events close, tricks will be reviewed and the Winner(s) of the Random Drawings will be announced.


Not sure how to post a video on the YYE forums?

Check out this thread

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Check out this thread

Want to share pics of. your sweet modern responsive throw?

Post in this thread here

These tricks are pretty hard. Got any other tips?

Here are some extra trick tutorials, or feel free to post in this thread.

Any other questions?

Ask below or find us on Discord

Also check out our linktree for additional resources.


Super interested to see the submissions for this one, have fun everyone, let’s rock this! :slight_smile:


This week looks tough! I know a few, and I’m scared to do shoot the moon.


It’s the grand finale! :slight_smile:


First vid!

This is all 5 trick ladder tricks. I’m on vacation this week and don’t know if I’ll have time to learn Velvet Rolls.




Super hyped for this week and hop people at least give the rolls a try. :blush:


Yo I just want to make a couple notes for anyone that wants to give the velvet rolls a try and hasn’t ever played the style before.

Most people will probably want to shorten their strings to a length shorter than used for 1a or 0a. Some ppl go as low as 65 cm but somewhere between 70-90cm is recommended for beginners. I’m 5’10 and use 72-76cm for 3a. fwiw. I’ve just seen a lot of people start right away by using their 1a string length and wanted to preemptively make that note.

Also, just want to say that the strings do not cross at all for velvet rolls so y’all don’t need to worry about knots as much!

Good luck everyone! Just wanted to chime in bc I don’t know how many people play the style.


To add to @GTDropKnot note ask questions here or on the MRM G2 thread but any further interest or advice on 3A or velvet rolls go to Save 3A discord. They are awesome folks and some real talent there with some solid advice to give.


Wow, fun trick list this week! Excited to try them. Thanks to all for putting together the last two months. What a fun way to play. Cheers. :v:


Anyone else find it amazing that @Ardeus can film a 2.5 minute tutorial in a single uncut shot and make no mistakes? Even with a slingshot slackicide in there, first try. Amazing.


I think that every dang time.


Everyone was impressive the quality from week 1 of far to week 4 of mrm is night and day better.


I will definitely second this. I know I am doing things now that I wasn’t before we started this. And many have shown tremendous improvement. Then there are those who just make it look like artwork. Thanks to everyone, because no matter what your skill levels are, it has just been super fun hanging out. Again just a huge thanks to all who have juggled until they couldn’t feel their arms anymore to make all of this happen. Also huge thanks to all who have participated, the joy this brings makes all of the hard work worth it for those that have given so much time over the last 2-1/2 months for this. It really has been a lot of fun and filled with excitement. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Hey thanks, man. I appreciate it!

But sorry to disappoint, it did take multiple takes. :face_with_peeking_eye:


Wassup here’s all 6 tricks. Responsive velvet rolls hard lol good luck everyone! This month was really fun!


Yooooo my MRM Week 2 video is my first 2,000+ video on TikTok! It made it!

Honestly I dont know why i was dead tired and not energetic at all. It must have been the yummy sounding trick names :rofl:.



Please see below for submission, all 5 main tricks, Velvet Rolls Guest Trick is real sketchy as this was my first foray into 3A, I’m personally not counting it unless someone states otherwise, but was fun to try!
Bonus Scenes in beginning and end this time! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you all for the fun and excitement over these couple of months, proud to be part of this all. Similar to FAF, I feel like I’ve really Evolved from where I was at, and have friends who have Raved about how great this was as well. It’s been a ride, but the Boomer in me is ready for some rest, haha! Especially that shoot the moon, my shoulder is in lowhp mode right now too, lol.

Thanks again, and on to the grand finale!!!


Ok guys here are the first 5 tricks this week!
In order

Shoot the moon to lunar landing
Kickflip to lunar landing
UFO recapture
Mach 5
All on my deep state - sloppy binds are included at no extra cost

Guest trick will be a maybe as 3A is beyond me let alone on responsive if I happen to land it I will upload at a later time but I’m happy with what I got!

Thank you to everyone who ran these 2 months of fun contests! And huge shout out to the yoyo boomer club for doing boomer things!
I’ve learned new tricks and new things, and hated yoyo more than I ever thought I could! Looking forward to next year already!