Modern Responsive March 2024 - Week 3

Week 3: Who You Gonna Call? YoYo Busters!

Hey Paranormal Throwers and Spectral Spinners! We hope you are prepared for some more thrills and chills as we keep the party rolling.

Are you ready to bust some ghostly moves in Week 3 of Modern Responsive March (MRM) with the YoYo Boomer Club? Get ready to swap your proton packs for yo-yo’s and chill down your Ecto Coolers because we’re about to dive into a spooktacular adventure!

Challenge yourself with our ectoplasmic trick-ladder and show off your most ghoulish moves for a chance to win a fun bundle prize (mostly free of any slime). Nailing these will surely help you Stay Puft all day with confidence.

Gear up as we clean our Freshly Dirty Ecto-1, and Mod our Ghost Traps to hold at least 44. We’ll fill in the Blanks, bump the Rims, and “when someone asks you if you’re a god, you say, “yes!””

Let’s all watch the yo-yo’s spin and the spirits soar, but Don’t Cross the Strings; it’s a hauntingly good time you won’t want to miss!

“There is no Dana, there is only Zuul…. -whispers- and merrrrch


Trick List

freshly dirty

Weekly Prize Raffle

This week’s trick ladder prize is a Freshly Dirty Mod44 with Responsive Kit.

Video submissions must be posted to the YoyoExpert Thread before 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, March 21st. Video must begin with the Modern Responsive March Sponsor image seen below at the beginning of the video. Parents or guardians may allow their children to participate by posting their videos on their behalf.

  • Post a video of a Completed Trick from the Trick list = 1 Entry into that week’s Drawing.

  • Post a video(s) of all Four Tricks Completed = 1 additional Entry into that week’s Drawing.

  • Post a video of our guest trick, “Split the Atom” = 1 additional Entry into this week’s drawing

Participants can only win one prize for the month of March.

After weekly events close, tricks will be reviewed and the Winner(s) of the Random Drawings will be announced.


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What a fun week! Love the tricks that got picked and super excited to see what’s coming next week.

I’m also slightly apprehensive about life after march.

How will I know what tricks to learn? What will motivate me to keep posting videos? What if I learned a whole new style instead of just new tricks?

I’m starting to think @Captrogers might be on to something with 2April. It would be cool if we could keep the party going :sunglasses:


There’s always TaW

But im not gonna stop mentioning 2april either


Love a good Split the atom on a fixie, esp with that loop at the end.


Team 2April keeps growing :fist::rofl:.


There is TaW as you say, but at the same time…we don’t need to have an event in order to open a thread and hang out together. We can come up with tricks together like I’ve heard about on the playground.


Please see below for Week3 tricks, all 5 completed.
Bonus Clips at the end, and yes, I chose the thumbnail of the YoYo smacking me on purpose :wink:

Like Ram Jam said…“YoYo Boomers, Bam-Ba-Lam!” :slight_smile:


You’re the freakin best, man. I love your videos :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Woot woot, thank you! :slight_smile:


Wassup y’all here’s the tricks. Ngl this tower is just really not a trick for me. I kept it even though it’s pretty scuffed up. The rest of the tricks I really like though and I’ve really really been enjoying playing the style!

Edit oh just realized Imgur only lets my vid be 60 seconds so the last 3 seconds isn’t here. The full vid is on Instagram.


1 trick
Split the atom
Yyf turbo grind mutant


Week 3, I need to get better at brother pull overs.


Here is week 3!

“Sweater combo”
Alternate hand planet hops
Pocket watch
Chopsticks tower
Split the atom

That chopsticks tower is ridiculous I was so frustrated with it and sweater combo, though sweater combo isn’t as bad, but still frustrating that I just put them both in there as best I could.and yes there is a tower in the chopsticks tower it’s just tiny.


Looking good! For the Sweater Combo you’ll need to do the pull over cartwheel out of the Brother Stall and catch back in a Trapeze.

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Right. Which was the frustrating part. And I couldn’t manage it. I’ll work on it and get it someday, but for now I’ll just call it the sweater vest combo


Is anyone here using the Harbinger for MRM?


I did/am