Modern Responsive March 2024 - Week 2

Week 2: More MRM and Movies you Say? “As You Wish!”

Hey Star-Studded Giants and Inconceivable Throwers! Are you ready to embark on a quest for true love and epic adventure in Week 2 of Modern Responsive March (MRM) with the YoYo Boomer Club? Get ready to swap your popcorn for yo-yo’s because we’re about to transport you to a land of magic, romance, and swashbuckling excitement!

From the Fire Swamps to the Cliffs of Insanity, and even the Rain City, young and old will love this event. From Pong players to Mobile Gamers, there’s something for everyone.

Can you hit all the tricks on our ladder and have a chance to win some awesome prizes?! Lights, camera, action! It’s “Inconceivable!” Cheer up Buttercup, it’s your chance to steal the show and leave the audience in awe as you shout at your bearing “Hello. My name is Butterfly XT. You killed my fixie, prepare to die!”

So join us on this quest for yo-yo glory, grab your gear, armor up (if you don’t have any, let’s MaKe1), and become the Metal Harbinger of excitement and entertainment this week. MRM is an epic adventure you’ll never forget.

“You mean you wish to buy merch from me? Very well, I accept.”

Thank you all for your help in keeping the fun going, and the throws spinning!


Trick List

spinworthy (1)

Weekly Prize Raffle

This week’s trick ladder has two raffle prizes, an MK1xSpinworthy Metal Harbinger provided by MK1 and a Rain City Skills Mobile Gamer provided by Rain City Skills.

Video submissions must be posted to the YoyoExpert Thread before 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time on Friday, March 15th. Video must begin with the Modern Responsive March Sponsor image seen below at the beginning of the video. Parents or guardians may allow their children to participate by posting their videos on their behalf.

  • Post a video of a Completed Trick from the Trick list = 1 Entry into that week’s Drawing.
  • Post a video(s) of all Three Tricks Completed = 1 additional Entry into that week’s Drawing.

Participants can only win one prize for the month of March.

After weekly events close, tricks will be reviewed and the Winner(s) of the Random Drawings will be announced.


Not sure how to post a video on the YYE forums?

Check out this thread

Not sure how to add the Sponsor page to your video?

Check out this thread

Want to share pics of. your sweet modern responsive throw?

Post in this thread here

These tricks are pretty hard. Got any other tips?

Here are some extra trick tutorials, or feel free to post in this thread.

Any other questions?

Ask below or find us on Discord

Also check out our linktree for additional resources.


The video keeps kicking me out for some reason

Edit: just kidding!


If you were watching it in frame instead of popping into it’s own window it’s possible that Discourse chose to refresh your page for some last minute edits. I’m done with edits now so it should be smooth sailing :grin:


Ooh these look fun! All new to me as well so looks like I got a busy weekend coming up


Damn. That string @GnarlyCharlie is using looks HELLA tight! :upside_down_face:


Here’s all three from me.


Fixed axle feb all over again :man_shrugging:


More like “keeping the party going…”


Shhh… Don’t tell them. :speak_no_evil:


But with bearings!


We do have a few special tricks up
Our sleeves

I feel quite certain I won’t be getting any of these this week… at present it’s sheer luck for me to land one trapeze/under mount stall, let alone stringing a few together🤣 This works for me though, now I don’t have to withdraw from this weeks drawing…because I WILL be buying myself one of those Metal Harbingers this evening. I’d rather see those prizes get into the hands of someone else.
There continue to be new faces every week and I’d like to extend my own welcome to all who have joined us. To have young ones joining in too is just so fabulous. Keep ‘‘em coming everybody.

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Aaight! I think i finally figured out how to embed the video from youtube in this forum! Yay for me after month and a half!

Yes, this is sumbission for all three (3) tricks btw :smiley:


Heads up that the “add the sponsor image” link in the post and youtube description goes to a png in someone’s trash so it’s not usable.

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Ah it must be linked to the old one. You can just save the image posted above it to use.

I thought I fixed that…. Every time I try to kill the old logo it comes back. I’ll get it fixed

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Mmm Donuts


Keep at it! I remember being in that stage and feeing like it was never gonna happen. And then, after throwing what felt like hundreds of failed trapeze attempts, one day it just clicked and they felt totally natural. I actually cheered and ran into the other room to tell my fam like a small child. :laughing:


It took me why more attempts than I’d like to admit to learn Donut Trucks consistently.


Please see below for my Wk2 submission.
All three tricks; and even though I knew they were flipping, I had to slow the video down to make sure they were on Donut Trucks, haha, and they’re there, but much harder to tell when each side looks the same.
Bonus trick at the end. :slight_smile: