5A May 2024 - Week 4

Week 4: Bark at the Moon with 5A May!

Hey Metal Magicians and Wylde Weight-Throwers! It’s been a ride, but we’ve made it to the last week of 5A May! Let’s make it special; get ready to embrace the darkness, master these last tricks, and join the YoYo Boomer Club for an electrifying finale of counterweight cadence. Where every spin is a journey into the unknown!

The swag is ready and ripe for the picking, so let’s see those videos! Don’t lose your head trying our batty beginner’s trick ladder. Our advanced trick of the week will make you feel like Iron Man; and don’t forget to show us your Mr. Crowley combos and new moves with our freeform submission!

All of these can have you screaming “Mama, I’m Coming Home…with some sweet prizes!” Can you conquer the darkness and become a yo-yo legend?

With such fun to be had, you might be feeling Paranoid, but it’s all good, and we’ll have you becoming a yo-yo virtuoso in no time! Shred those tricks, but not your strings, and show us what you’ve got, and we’ll See You On The Other Side.

I Don’t Wanna Stop, it’s been such a fun month, but No More Tears, the YYBC will still be here for your yo-yo needs. Thank you all for trusting in us and participating.

“Shaaarooon!.. … …grab that merch!”


Beginner Trick Ladder

The Beginner Trick Ladder contains the following tricks:

Posting video(s) of the Beginner Trick Ladder will earn you entries into the event Prize drawing.

  • Post a video of one trick for one entry
  • Post a video of all tricks for an additional entry

Bonus Round: Secret Ladder Trick

The Secret Ladder Trick is Schway aka Thread The Needle presented by Connor Scholten.

Posting a video of the Secret Ladder Trick will earn you an additional entry into the trick ladder prize drawing.


This week’s trick-a-week is Meltdown, presented by Miguel Correa

Posting a video of the trick-a-week will earn you entries into the event Prize drawing.

  • Post a video of completing the trick-a-week for 1 entry into the drawing.


Post a FreeForm/Production will earn you entries into the event Prize drawing. Must contain 5A Content.


All video submissions must contain the Event page at the start of the video and are due by Tuesday, May 31st at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.

Each week you can earn additional entries for prize drawings by completing that weeks challenges. Maximum Entries; Beginner =8, TAW = 4, Freeform/Production =4. All Prize drawings will be conducted at the end of the Event.


Beginner Trick Ladder - 2 Prize Packs each containing a Yoyo and Counterweight.

Trick-a-Week - 2 Prize Packs each containing a Yoyo and Counterweight.

Freeform/Production - G2 Yoyo and Counterweight.

Note: Prize packs are subject to change throughout the event if additional sponsors or donors contribute.

Event Sponsors


  • G Squared


  • DocPop

  • Rain City Skills


  • Michael Montgomery

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  • Dressel Designs

Event Donors


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its here. sorry for the delays




I was certain that after this month I would be removing the counterweight from my Barracuda and allowing it to resume 1a duty. Well…the counterweight twisted my arm and a dog ate my homework so I ended up just buying another Barracuda. :flushed:


What are those 4s and 3s next to every trick? This is the first time I notice them.

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Here’s my trick ladder and trick of the week submission, 360 GT and tangler, shoulder pop and nunchuk, and meltdown in that order.

Kinda busy at the moment so I’ll have to figure out a freeform submission later this week.

@Georgekouts those numbers are how many times the links have been clicked


That’s the number of people who clicked on the link


Alright dudes!
Here’s week 4, and wow what a doozy this was… Learned new tricks, got really frustrated, broke 4 bearings by smashing various yoyos into the ground.

Trick ladder

Shoulder pop
(a pinwheel because I forgot what I was doing so it’s extra)
360 gt

Shoulder pop was killing me and took forever because I couldn’t get that one handed mount ugh.

Rain city ouroboros
@DedHed yeti


This was so dang difficult for me to get, 100% new territory but I’m going to submit this one even though it’s sloppy because dang it I got it. Yeah that first 1.5 roll thing I helped the CW because it kept sticking because my palms were sweaty (mom’s spaghetti) but it’s all there, just slow and broken down a little. I understand the trick and will work on it to get it smooth because i enjoy it but after rocky mountain regionals so I can focus on that…

One Drop thru-line
Chainmail CW

For this one this week I just wanted to share some 5A on top of a mountain by a small pond because it’s pretty

Rain city skills punk
@DedHed yeti

And again this month has been tons of fun! Thanks to the boomers and all the volunteers who put these events together! I’m super stoked to learn some new things for my newish favorite style of yoyo!
Love you guys :heart::heart::heart:


Oh!! I like these tricks. I’ll enjoy learning those. Trick of the week looks really neat.


Aight y’all, here are all of the tricks. Some I half knew and had to remember. Some were new. My tangler is buns but yo—they did the thing. I wanted to just film today bc I’m off work and going out of town tomorrow. Freeform trick is an aerial kickflip.

Thanks so much to all the sponsors and the yybc members for putting this together! This month has been awesome! Also, good luck to everyone participating!


The scenery and camera angle on your freestyle was amazing. The music fit so well too.


Here’s my freeform submission for the week, an impromptu parking lot trick circle and a new trick I learned that actually pushed me outside of my comfort zone heavily (yes, I hit myself in the head many times before figuring out the timing (and yes, a helmet would’ve helped))


This was up on Taylor mountain in allenspark, CO. The mountain peak in the distance is mount meeker!


I love seeing how far everyone has come…and feel like crap because my progress is so slow!


Nothing to feel bad about bro. Please. The whole reason most of us grab the yo-yo to begin with is to escape a busy life for a moment. The idea of the contests was not to force everyone to advance…it was to promote love for the throw in general, and open doorways to areas that some may not have ventured into on their own. It’s about hang time, and encouraging one another because the world around us spits enough discouragement already. It’s fun to try. Fixed axle didn’t really jive with me but playing with a counterweight has actually grown on me. I certainly hope that these contests don’t feel like pressure to anyone. That would be a shame because that could rob someone of the joy they get from throwing in the first place. @rkalajian and all who have devoted time and resources to make these events happen, to provide the adoring fans with fan-tastic merch… you have contributed in many ways and you have nothing to bow your head low for. Thank you.


Quickly before breakfast


Don’t compare your own progress to others! Definitely just be happy and focus on your own progression. Yoyo is a long and personal grind, everyone learns and picks up stuff at a different rate!

I feel like I’m pretty happy with my progress from 3 total years of yoyoing, but if I compare myself to kids now… they just get so crazy good so fast. Not going to compare my progression to theirs though, because yoyoing is just one of many hobbies for me. And I’m not competing, just having fun.

Seeing other players better than you as motivation to want to improve and work harder is great, but it’s a really bad and pointless idea to compare your progression to others, especially without considering other factors. Because of course people who wanna compete or only have yoyo as a hobby, with no other commitments are gonna progress faster than average.


Ok, I’m done with 5A for a long time, haha. This week was everything new for me except the nunchucks. Even the Meltdown was some different variation from what I know and I even forgot to do the right one so I ended up landing a fusion of these two :see_no_evil::smile: freeform is iwasawa tower I learned from Jakub Dolejš.
Enjoy summer everybody :v:


Killer finale, that was awesome, thank you for participating!
I need to get mine in at some point here as well if I can, haha, but everyone’s been doing an outstanding job!


psssttt. there’s a bonus trick dropping in the AM. you might see it on the yt channel if you check. :wink: