Fixed Axle February 2024 - Week 4

Electrifying Finale - Shockwave Spin-Out for Week 4!

Hey Voltage Virtuosos and Lightning Loopers! Are you ready to amp up the excitement for the grand finale of Fixed Axle February? Get ready to be electrified like a Tamagotchi because the YoYo Boomers Club is unleashing a surge of energy for the ultimate spin-out in Week 4! It’s time to ride the lighting to Yo-Yo glory!

Prepare for the Thunderstruck Throwdown of our Trick-Ladder, where the sparks will fly!

Brace yourself for the Final Shockwave Prize Explosion! Participate in our electrifying challenges for a chance to win sweet sweet prizes. It’s the grand finale! The DedHeds will rise, and the clouds will form around this electric event. No City will be big enough to hold this excitement without a Counterweight.

If you want to be the next YoYoExpert or just earn your Doctorate in Popularity, charge up your throw, harness the power of the Yo-Yo, get funkier than a Platypus, and let’s make Week 4 the most shocking finale yet.

Also, don’t forget, like the Kars4Kids jingle goes……“1-877-BuySomeMerch”


Trick List

Celebrity Trick


Weekly Prize Raffle

This week’s trick ladder prize is a DocPop PLTPS provided by YoYoExpert and a Dedhed Designs counterweight provided by Dedhed Designs.

Video submissions must be posted to the YoyoExpert Thread before 12:00 PM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, 2/29. Video must contain the Fixed Axle February Sponsor image seen below at the beginning of the video.

  • Post a video of a Completed Trick from the Trick list = 1 Entry into that week’s Drawing.
  • Post a video(s) of all Five Tricks Completed = 1 additional Entry into that week’s Drawing.
  • All tricks must be completed on a fixed axle yo-yo (bearing blanks allowed)



Celebrity Trick Prize Raffle

This week’s celebrity trick raffle prize will be a DocPop PLTPS provided by Doctor Popular himself and a No City counterweight bundle provided by No City.

  • Post a video of the Completed Guest Trick = 1 Entry
  • All tricks must be completed on a fixed axle yo-yo (bearing blanks allowed)

Participants can only win one prize for the month of February.

After weekly events close, tricks will be reviewed and the Winner(s) of the Random Drawings will be announced.


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Very happy to have seen all the interaction and participation in FAF this year. It’s been a fun event for certain, and looking forward to enjoying all the submissions and fun in the season finale here!



Good thing I have a FH1 coming so i can try the counter weight trick. Guess i gotta put the dice on a duncan butterfly or like my woody.

Doc Pop makes it look easy on that PLTPS, i wonder if its blanked :thinking:.


5 tricks!! Fitting I guess, for the leap year, eh? :laughing:


It’s the Grand Finale! :slight_smile:


Someone get Brandon a new calendar🤣


Thats a little running joke at the office at this point, hoping to keep august ‘21 in my sights for many years to come


I would probably believe it’s not since that’s not how he sells them.


I am slightly confused. Can I use my pltps for the guest trick? Still has to be a fixie, right?


If you are able to keep it up to 2027 it will be accurate again.


Still has to be a fixed axle. Pop that CW onto your fav fixie


Yes. Fixed axle. The trick doesn’t require an excess of spin, so it shouldn’t be a problem.


Here’s everything for me for this week, all tricks plus celebrity. Special thanks to my son for providing his Hermione keychain as a makeshift weight.


My girlfriend made dinner plans for the family on FAF new trick day :sob:. Does she not know I have a (yoyo) life? Lol

My plans of fixed axle glory today down the drain lol. (Kidding of course :laughing:… In case she see’s this :eyes:)


I ran out of time too. I fell asleep trying to fish the goods out of an hour of video. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We made it to week four and what a Fun run it’s been!

All the tricks + celebrity

Thank you boomers!


WOOOOOOHHHHH! Bonus appearance by @bheinz63! Nice job bud!

Never got around to submitting last week, though I did work on dumptrucks. Still struggling with getting it on the outside of my arm - which I know isn’t necessary but that’s how I see the trick. Anywho, might still submit an entry later, since I won the draw in week 2 :pray:, I no longer need to live in the confines of deadlines. :laughing:

Nice work on this guys! Looking forward to trying some of these.

Question, @YoYo-Boomer-Club, are bearings manditory for MRM? :thinking:


Thank you all again for your participation and all the fun this month!
As my trick ladder has grown and evolved, I hope you enjoy my evolution in this video.
All 5 tricks, Celeb Trick, and a grand finale Bonus at the end! “Ooooooh yeaaaahhhh!”

YYBC Proud!


Not mandatory. Just if you wanna.


you’ll be seeing more from me in MRM!!

also, modern responsive just refers to the playstyle, you can play whatever responsive yoyo you want to during march im pretty sure