Fixed Axle February 2024 - Week 3

Let’s Heat Up the Spin with Week 3 of Fixed Axle February!

Hey Troopers and Tricksters! Are you still recovering from the sick vibes of Week 2?

Buckle up, because Fixed Axle February with the YoYo Boomers Club is just getting started, and the tricks are heating up, but leave your Fireball at home, we’re not there yet!

We’ve got everything you need to keep the Fixed Axle fun going strong.

If you feel your Spin is Worthy, come be a Harbinger of the fun and excitement that’s on the way, and let’s keep this throwback party blazing!

The tricks are getting hotter, and so are the prizes! Tune in for a chance to win Yo-Yo-Tastic goodies. Zipline in if you have to, just make sure you’re here! It’s like a carnival, but everyone’s a winner!

So don’t be a Square, G! Fixed Axle February is a Respawn back to the good ol’ days, but Lite. Have fun and try your best, be a Dun-can, not a Dun-can’t.

Merch Merch Merch!


Trick List

Celebrity Trick

spinworthy (1)

Weekly Prize Raffle

This week’s trick ladder prize is a Spinworthy Harbinger.

Video submissions must be posted to the YoyoExpert Thread before 12:01 AM Pacific Standard Time on Thursday, 2/22. Video must contain the Fixed Axle February Sponsor image seen below at the beginning of the video.

  • Post a video of a Completed Trick from the Trick list = 1 Entry into that week’s Drawing.
  • Post a video(s) of all Four Tricks Completed = 1 additional Entry into that week’s Drawing.
  • All tricks must be completed on a fixed axle yo-yo (bearing blanks allowed)


Celebrity Trick Prize Raffle

This week’s celebrity trick raffle prize will be a G2 Respawn Lite.

  • Post a video of the Completed Guest Trick = 1 Entry
  • All tricks must be completed on a fixed axle yo-yo (bearing blanks allowed)


Winners this week will also receive a prize pack of Zipline strings to go along with their yo-yo.

Participants can only win one prize for the month of February.

After weekly events close, tricks will be reviewed and the Winner(s) of the Random Drawings will be announced.


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Check out this thread

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Check out this thread

Want to share pics of your awesome fixies?

Post over here

These tricks are pretty hard. Got any other tips?

Here are some extra trick tutorials, or feel free to post in this thread.

Any other questions?

Ask below or find us on Discord



Wait for it… just waiting for the upload to complete


I feel your pain


Post is live. See Fixed Axle February 2024 - Week 3

Thanks everyone for your patience!


The video might be unlisted it’s not popping up in my YouTube feed


Finally a kickflip… time to skate!


I mean… does kickflip on a skateboard count?


Ima struggle with backhand balance to lunar landing :expressionless:
But I basically already know the others ones, but now I can get more consistent with them

Any tips?


Your right I fixed it

Only if you also flip a yoyo. Kick flip on a kick flip sounds like hard mode


Double kickflip came to my mind too… it sounds impossible but it is definitely doable… just not by me :joy: i will try to do something fun with a skateboard


I noticed that Overtinkering did his dump trucks outside, while Ed dumped his inside. I take it either is fine? Also, is it two dumps, or just one?

This is what happens when y’all give me a trick I actually know! :sweat_smile:

I’ll work on a video with the rest, but for now here is my single trick entry!


Bro… but now that I’m thinking about it, it would be easier than the Mysto set :joy:


Too bad I already did stop n go for the video. Now I got to actually learn to do a trick lol

Lol! I still need three from last week so six is better than seven :sweat_smile:.


On the outside is the original way. Inside totally works too. It’s also much easier. Doing it on the outside is a great way to flex on others that are in the know though.


I banged these ones out while my oldest was in the shower. Here’s all 4 for the week.


Yeah outside is definitely preferred, it feels awkward but good at the same time