5AMay 2024 - Week 3

Week 3: Led’s Keep it Swinging with 5A May!

Hey String Slingers and Counterweight Classic Rockers! Are you feeling Dazed And Confused yet? Ready to rock out with Week 3 of 5A May!? Let’s get prepared to master some new tricks, and join the YoYo Boomer Club for another epic week of counterweight concertos!

Let’s all embark on a journey through the greatest hits of 5A with our new trick challenges to conquer! Good Times Bad Times, it doesn’t matter, can you master the classics and rock the house?

As usual, we have our Black Dog basic trick ladder, with some nice foundational twists and turns to help you build your skills. Our trick-o’-the-week advanced tutorial to challenge yourself a little harder; and don’t forget your freeform submissions to help Bring It On Home!

There’s a Whole Lotta Love and a whole lotta prizes to be had, good luck to all!

Every riff and every spin is a masterpiece in the making, so we won’t Ramble On any longer, as we step aside and let you get to throwing

“We come from the land of the ice and snow….and merch!”


Beginner Trick Ladder

The Beginner Trick Ladder contains the following tricks:

Posting video(s) of the Beginner Trick Ladder will earn you entries into the event Prize drawing.

  • Post a video of one trick for one entry
  • Post a video of all tricks for an additional entry


This week’s trick-a-week is Switch Stance, presented by Josh Yee

Posting a video of the trick-a-week will earn you entries into the event Prize drawing.

  • Post a video of completing the trick-a-week for 1 entry into the drawing.


Post a FreeForm/Production will earn you entries into the event Prize drawing. Must contain 5A Content.


All video submissions must contain the Event page at the start of the video and are due by Tuesday, May 21st at 11:59 Pacific Standard Time.

Each week you can earn additional entries for prize drawings by completing that weeks challenges. Maximum Entries; Beginner =8, TAW = 4, Freeform/Production =4. All Prize drawings will be conducted at the end of the Event.


Beginner Trick Ladder - 2 Prize Packs each containing a Yoyo and Counterweight.

Trick-a-Week - 2 Prize Packs each containing a Yoyo and Counterweight.

Freeform/Production - G2 Yoyo and Counterweight.

Note: Prize packs are subject to change throughout the event if additional sponsors or donors contribute.

Event Sponsors


  • G Squared


  • DocPop

  • Rain City Skills


  • Michael Montgomery

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  • Dressel Designs

Event Donors


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Yo quick question but should the Freeform/ production trick be something I make up or can I learn like any trick not in the lists? What are y’all thinking?



OK! I think I can at least get 2 of these tricks down before next week!

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Free form is really for those that are beyond the beginner tricks and the TAW and want to show off something we aren’t presenting.

Similarly free form is for those that couldn’t nail the beginner set or take but made an attempt that is 5a and get an entry.

It’s a place to either show off or a catch all for the try in earnest. It’s also a slot for creativity. Loosely defined free form is whatever you feel is worthy of an entry and want to present.


The only one I have to learn is Stance switch (which I was planning to anyway).

Gotta think about my freeform now…


I already got that Butterfly going twice!!! :smiley::smiley:
That’s one I really wanted to learn anyways. Just gotta work on consistency and the catch. Also feel pretty good about Electric Fan. Gonna give that one a good shot at least. :smiley:


Here’s my freeform entry for the week, a simple but fun trick edit.


I just noticed that I do not know this version of e fan. (I can do the version available in the you know who app, but not this one). I got to learn that tomorrow.

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Here’s my submission for the trick ladder + trick of the week, all of them in order.

Also as an addendum, there’s a bit of a divorce between what a bee sting is between the English speaking community and other parts of the world. If you’re familiar with the concept of a “hard” bee sting, in other parts of the world a hard bee sting is just a half bee sting. The yotricks tutorial for a “half bee sting” is a completely different trick. A full, proper bee sting (also known sometimes as a soft bee sting) is what Miggy shows in the tutorial for this week. For it to be a full bee sting you need to redirect the yoyo after tapping the string, before catching the counterweight. If you just let the yoyo land into an undermount and catch the counterweight, that’s just a half bee sting.

Terminology is weird, here’s an exaggerated video I just recorded to show the difference. If you want to learn more advanced bee sting variations you need to learn the full bee sting, but just learning the half bee sting first is a perfectly acceptable place to start. I just felt like mentioning this since this discussion actually came up the other day of people being confused why Americans were calling half bee stings just “bee stings.”

Also sorry for the bad quality on these two videos, it’s late and there’s a wasp chilling on my balcony that I do not wanna deal with lol


Just to make something clear. In the app there are two different videos. One is called half bee sting and the other bee sting. Just making sure we are on the same page.

Till 10 minutes ago, I only knew the version that ends in the undermount as you say.

After a bit of practice (like 20 minutes), I think I understand how that motion works (dismount), and I will make some videos tomorrow but post them on Saturday. Need to refine a bit. Anyway I just wanted to ask you why you think that the undermount only version does not qualify as a bee sting.

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Because if you look at Japanese tutorials or talk to communities from other regions, the tricks are simply named different. What yotricks and I believe skilladdicts call a half bee sting is a completely different trick from what the Rewind/JYYF tutorials call a half bee sting. It’s just a weird divergence in two different tricks now sharing the same name.

I just think it’s worth making the distinction because if you can’t redirect from the undermount without catching the counterweight, you haven’t learned the most fundamental part of bee sting. Knowing how to do that is a building block for a lot of more intermediate/advanced 5A tricks.


I will upload in Saturday and would love ti gear your feedback. With little practice, I manage to redirect before catching the cw, then catch it and the yoyo follows right after.

I love your style btw!


Alright dudes
I forgot what today was so I’m slackalackin but here are my entries for the third week!

Trick ladder


Rain city turduccen
Nocity nodice


This is the first time I’ve done soemthing like this, yes it’s sloppy, yes I missed the CW so it spins around but I managed to actually catch it correctly, yes the dismount was gross. If I need to re-do I can but I’m just happy I landed it.

Rain city ouroboros
@DedHed yeti


Just did some random freestyle things

Dressel monarch
@DedHed visitor


Sadly i could not land the tricks last week. hopefully i can get them this week!


Some Freeform combo including a butterfly :person_shrugging:


I like the little rebound within the butterfly!


Please see below for my Week 3 entry for 5A May! :slight_smile:
All but one beginner trick (Beesting was not in the cards for me)
Electric Fan (Inner Variation), Butterfly, Switch Stance, & Freestyle (Pocket Rocket & Stuck Fan Switch)
Bonus at the end!

-YYBC Swinging and Slinging!


Lol i like the fan trick


I’ve never seen such a brilliant exhibition of the Levitation trick

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