What trick are you working on?

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So just post the trick your working on. Anything from a sleeper or your latest combo. I’ll start.

Red Clover

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What yoyo trick are you working on?

Trapeze Follow


once i get home im going to try an upside down green triangle.
it looks fancy :wink:


Ladder Escape


Starting a new combo. Time to watch some inspirational videos:P


Working on a more creative combo


same also every trick I don’t really focus on one particular trick.


Working on leg wrap trap.


Working on Double Or Nothing and the Matrix, still. I’m beginning to question if it’s worth just doing one trick over and over until you master it, or if I should branch out some.


As I think you probably suspect, it depends on your level of enjoyment. :wink: You should only do a trick over and over again if you enjoy doing so. If it feels like a drag, time to learn a new trick!

I think I went right to Kwyjibo after The Matrix, but the more sensible choice may have been Skin the Gerbil, which is a great trick, too!


Anything that involves a trapeze.
I’m great on the front mount, anything on the side mount trips me up.


Superman…I can’t get the last pop I’m so over it lol


I can’t even land the yoyo over my throw hand on the part


@lefty it sucks to learn that part. But once you figure it out its epic. So much fun that part of the trick. It’s crazy how it all works out lol.


I get a monstrosity of a knot/tangle…


I gotta perfect Rancid Milk, and I almost got White Buddha. That is all I am really working on currently.


Hipster Whips


Working on perfecting boingy boing and suicide.


Still Trapeze Follow; added finger grind bind (can do it; just trying to figure out the secret to consistency) and I Be A Minute GT.


Been working on smooth combos lately. But, today, I’ve started learning Superman. I never used to watch trick videos but I feel doing so will progress me further and keep me enthralled.