Misery loves company... Any club jugglers here?

Clubs are hard! I am not the best ball juggler, but I am having a hard transition to learning three clubs. Just busted my lip good with a Duncan club, they are hard as rocks. I put racket tape on the handles and they are much better now, but the molded knobs are hard! This has been a dangerous week for me and skill toys, but I am improving a little. Should have started 50 years ago but I can’t worry about that now…
So any accomplished club jugglers out there? I have a few dozen questions…


Yo! im not super great, but am proficient in toss juggling (balls, bounce, clubs, and rings) and contact juggling/ball stacking. What would you like to know? i may be able to answer at least a couple ??s you may have. :slight_smile:

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Well right now I need to do more time to even get to the real questions, but I am wondering one thing about my pattern (such as it is). It seems like I have to throw higher than I want to in order to get anything going. I don’t know if I should continue so I can get used to the catching and throwing, or if I should try to force myself to throw lower and just drop more??

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@JWaugh really loves juggling

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Yeah but not clubs lol


Throwing two clubs is so peaceful, adding the third club is like standing in a shower of baseball bats.


clubs like to be juggled a bit higher than balls. With balls, just over your eye brow line is good, but clubs is over my head for sure. Practice the spin control and where you catch it more so than height. Its important that they all are close to the same height. Dont be afraid to step back to a single club and really get a feel for it. Catch where the handle starts to get into the body, near the balance point.


I should have asked months ago, that is the best tip I have heard yet! It took me forever to figure out I needed to choke up on the grip. I just realized that a week ago and it is starting to feel much more (controllable)… But it’s also like starting over.

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Ugh. Clubs are so hard. Everybody does a cascade a little differently, all their advice is different, and most people don’t juggle the way they try to teach. Anyways, moving right along, Taylor dropped a beginner 3 club tutorial that seems pretty good.


She claims the low throws demonstrated hurt your wrists, and is bad form.
Ok- but I don’t agree it doesn’t look good, I think it looked more efficient in a way. The problem is clubs can get to be heavy for the wrists alone I think.

I juggle beanbags, never tried clubs.

She sure dislikes the Duncan ones.

*Thanks for this, I am now introduced to Clay Motion with 3 balls. Never tried, not too bad, something to add to my basic tricks.

Yeah i hit my lip a couple weeks ago with a Duncan club hard enough to bleed and swell up, same week I caught my Horizon with the side of my face.
So I guess the score is Duncan 1, YYF 1.
Taylor has amazing juggling skills. I only learned enough about juggling balls to try to get started with clubs, but I would like to keep going with 3 ball tricks. A friend that juggles described learning clubs as learning to juggle weaponized balls, so far my experience has confirmed that.


I stick with beanbags. Columns are very good practice, easy to learn but tough to keep going at times.

I’m going to use her tutorials, they are well explained.


I can juggle clubs, but I’m not great at it. One of my bucket list items is to learn to pass clubs someday.


I struggle to learn a 3 club cascade…then my friend sends me this link.
It’s kinda long, get a snack first.

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A few months ago I got some ‘foamies’. Highly recommended for anyone out there in juggling land who wants to try clubs without the pain. I keep my old clubs at work… just busted my lip on lunch break. Maybe it’s time to retire the cruel clubs, I have enough pain as it is.
With the foamies and some help from jugglers that have a club here in the Raleigh area, I have got to over 100 catches a few times without drops. Still not exactly automatic though.

It’s been a few years I’m not juggling much anymore, but I see Wes Peden is still incredibly creative and skilled.

If you want to improve your 3clubs juggling, you could try some passing. (that is, if you find an experimented passer who’s willing to spend some time teaching and training you).


Thanks, the people at the local club here told me that too, but I need a bit more practice first. I was amazingly lucky to find this club a few months ago, there are some real pros. Daniel Menendez hangs out there!