any jugglers?

anybody juggle? i can do 3 balls and clubs (although i suck lol)

Clubs (no fancy patterns), rings, balls, Knives(just rubber lol), various varieties of fruit, and of course chain saws (not really but it sounds good).

I also teach basic, very basic juggling to kids.

I try but I’m not good. I need to practice.

I need to practice i use baseballs but that really didn’t work out so good only 3 and not for long.

i can do the standard 3 balls with a couple variations. I usually use baseballs too

I can do 3 and 4 ball. 3 club i can do doubles and flats and a few patterns.

Currently working on runs of 7 balls and 5 clubs. I can qualify each. i do tricks with 5 balls and 4 clubs. I have several types of balls so if you need recommendations let me know. I have 3 sets of different Play (the company) clubs. 6 PX3 PM’s, 6 Px3 Vegas and 6 Play D 1 piece clubs.

I used to perform. Now its just for fun and exercise.

Any help or questions needed please ask.

only do 2 at a time.

I can juggle 5 balls and 3 clubs. I can do a lot of tricks with the balls but not the clubs.

I just found out about a juggling store in Pittsburgh.

Know I know where i’m going today. :smiley: