Any other jugglers

I can’t wait and have been getting for the new outdoor juggling season. When the weather allows there is a park that I like to go to to practice juggling and then walk into town afterwards for exersize. I did some cool stenciling on T-shirts and pants to wear for juggling this year.
Are there any other jugglers here?

I like to do some very basic juggling, they taught us it in tennis.

Basic juggling :stuck_out_tongue:

3ball, some four ball, rings, clubs, contact, poi, devil sticks, diabolo, etc.

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Hi John
I am the farest along with 3 ball juggling. I can do the 3 club cascade. I have some Renegade 1/2 inch fat rings that I just started with.

It’s been a while, but I could do like 5 different 3-ball patterns and like 2 4-ball patterns.

i can do 4 club stuff decently and i got my 5 ball cascade down pretty solid. I almost quit juggling though since i started yoyoing. In my juggling prime i could do lots of different patterns and tricks for 3 and 4 club and ball juggling.