Juggling Thread!

(Troy(oyo) #1

Hello jugglers! Let’s all talk juggling: What do you juggle, how many, favorite patterns, patterns you are working on, anything and everything juggling!

Ill start with my juggling portfolio:

I currently can juggle: 4 balls, 3 clubs. Most basic patterns (Most advanced being mills mess)

I use: Renegade 95mm clubs, Brontosaurus Balls, beanbags.

I am looking for suggestions on other balls and stuff. So any advice is greatly appreciated.

But lets get it started! Juggling discussion begins NOW!


I started a few months ago. I can juggle 2 balls in 1 hand and a basic 3 ball shuffle. Trying to practice 2 ball shuffles in each hand for 4 ball juggling. I’m also working on the waterfall pattern. I don’t juggle that often though, only when I see my balls laying around and my yoyo has a knot in it that I’m too lazy to get out. :stuck_out_tongue:

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #3

i do diabolo,3 ball juggling,contact juggling,and thats basically it for juggling :-\


I can do the basic 3 ball juggling with pretty much anything… I juggled a soccer ball, sock and grapefruit to amuse my friends once

(hcjesse) #5

I can do 3 and 4 balls in lots of different patterns and i’m starting to get 5 down pretty well too. Just recently starting working on 6 (and have been trying to flash 7).

Here’s me a couple of years ago

I only juggle during the summertime so I’m not too much better now, but I look way more relaxed when I juggle now, especially when doing 5.

(Troy(oyo) #6

That is some pretty sick stuff!


how can i make cheap juggling clubs ?




I recommend gballz or sport juggling company for good bean bags. Play px3 clubs. And I once made a set with broom handles and plastic bowling pins. But it’s much easier to just buy a set. There are plenty of inexpensive ones out there.

Ok here’s my resume:
I can qualify 6 and 7 balls
Tricks with 5 balls.
Tricks with 3 and 4 clubs
Qualify 5 clubs with longer runs but no tricks yet
Starting tricks with 5 rings.
Starting flashes with 6 and 7 rings.

I started as a juggler. Now a beginner at yoyo’s.


What’s a “Flash”


Flashing is equal throws and catches to number of props. Example - 3 throws 3 catches with 3 balls. Or 5 throws 5 catches with 5 clubs.

Qualifying is double the throws and double the catches for number of props. 14 throws 14 catches with 7 balls


I can juggle 3, and 4 of just about anything. I never learned more balls then clubs, and I work on 5 sometimes but never consistantly.
I do most skill toys other then poi.


Poi’s name should be changed to…

(hcjesse) #14

Woo, finally qualified 6 balls!

Edit: just flashed 7!!!


hadnt expected you to say that :wink:

go SLOW…

(Troy(oyo) #16

Just got back from doing a bunch of street shows with some buddies of mine. I juggled torches. :open_mouth: And started doing basic passing, even did a 3 person feed. That was awesome. Working on being able to run doubles with clubs and do 2 in one hand.

Looking at getting a new set of juggling balls, possibly the volley bag from jugglingstore.com or something from renegades. I am looking at beanbags. Any suggestions here?