Juggling thread of supreme awesomeness

I was taking a gander a round the forums and I never really found any thread discussing juggling
So I made one
So yeah
I guess we can like discuss juggling stuff here
Stuff like that

There have been a few threads and videos in the last two or three weeks that I’ve seen nothing extremely detailed, but hopefully this thread will change that.

Maybe start your thread off with what you like to juggle and some of your favorite videos? I’m not a juggler, but I’d like to learn eventually.

I can juggle balls
Never got the hang of those clubs though

I started juggling yesterday after a friend shows me. I have 3 little bean bags I use, but seriously want to get some heavier juggling balls. Like small round hacky-sacks

I think Dave Finnigan is the author of THE COMPLETE JUGGLER. Awesome book, one of the best instructional books ever IMO.

Anyone selling some cheap juggling balls? I mean, I can turn to eBay, but I figured I’d ask

Check amazon.

Alright, so I started juggling yesterday and have gotten pretty fluent. Just gotta work on control, and sometimes releasing even though I have an urge to hold on.

So far does this sound reasonable? I can juggle three tennis balls for a max of 3, of what I like to call, “rotations” (it’s when all three balls touch one your right hand after release)

Shower or cascade pattern?

I got his book back in 1987! =P Wish I knew where it was now. Great book.

Used to be really into the juggling scene. Balls, rings, clubs, unicycles, etc. I was getting back into it when I came across a yoyo video 3.5 years ago, which completely stole the spotlight and have barely put any time into it. Still have my clubs and some Flying Clipper Tossaball hybrids that are great.

had to google that (noob, haha), but cascade. And I’m not sure how long I can do it, because I’m so busy concentrating on the throw… So I could be more or less than 3

If you find yourself walking forward to catch the balls, focus on keeping your elbows by your sides and your release.

yoyosam sells 3 different sets from 8 - 13 bucks

Or practice in front of a wall


might as well post this here too:

Case Juggling is a college juggling club (which has a yoyo division that I run) that’s pretty insane.

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My grandpa showed me how to juggle when I was a kid. Started with 2 balls, then moved on to 3. Never worked with more than that. I’ve had just a basic juggling ball set for years that I’ve used. Today I ordered 3 Sil-X 78mm balls from a shop. Looking forward to getting them in.