can anybody here juggle?

YES! I can juggle! And Diabolo, devil sticks, contact ball, juggling balls, and juggling rings

Happy Throwing! =]

i do all that except contact juggling ;D ;D and i dont personaly have rings but i can on my cousins :wink:
and im kinda bad at devil sticks, and i want to get into spin tops

we should start a team called “wejuggleyoyos” ;D u think?

I can juggle.

Balls ,rings ,clubs ,contact juggling ,diabolo devil sticks ,and poi is all I can do. :slight_smile:

This is a really old topic. Should have been in the “skill toy” board to begin with. :slight_smile:

i can!

supah necro!

I love juggling. I don’t do it NEARLY as much as I yoyo, but I’ve been juggling for around two years.

I can do cascade, shower, columns, reverse cascade, and 4-ball.

I’m a somewhat proficient 3-ball juggler, just ordered some clubs and beanbags, looking forward to that.

I love juggling. I can do three ball mills mess, Rubinstein’s revenge, Burke’s barrage, shower, takeouts, columns, box, yoyo ;D and some other tricks like yoyo. I also can do the 4 ball fountain.

I can only do the regular 3 ball juggle you learn in P.E. in Elementary-Middle School.

3ball: Cascade, Shower, Box, Mills Mess, Columns, Shuffle (to name a few)
4ball: Fountain, Reverse Fountain, Half shower, Sync and Async stuff
5ball: Flash

I can also do 3 clubs.

Juggling rules.

My friend can do a ton. Pretty intense.