KaneTheDrifter AKA Youssefmbz, Swain (again)

This user is a scammer. He has taken several peoples’ money and did not send the items that were purchased. He also has a second account, Youssefmbz, where he is doing the same thing. He uses different PayPal accounts for friends and family, vs Goods and Services. For G&S, he uses tannerhamd@gmail.com and F&F is kaneyye@hotmail.com

In my specific instance, he sold me a G2 Banshee and a G2 Nessie. 24 hours later he informed me that the package had been delayed “for some reason” and that it could take up to two weeks for the package to arrive. I requested tracking information and was informed that no tracking could be provided because of the shipping service that was purchased.

I waited a month, then filed a claim with PayPal, which was decided in my favor and I was awarded a full refund.


Just a heads up - both accounts have been banned. If you made a deal with this guy and haven’t already filed a paypal claim to get your money back, you should probably go ahead and do so.

Thanks for the heads up. What a jerk!

I am getting ready to make a deal with Swain…has anyone had any dealings with Swain?
Thank Guys…



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For length… that’s what she said

Then no feedback at all? O’my goodness…
hum…not sure huh?

Still waiting on the Quake, 15 days since “Shipped”, and 17 days since payment sent.

No tracking…

That sounds less than promising. :frowning:

To his credit, supposedly coming from overseas.

Ok guys…so far everything is going well…he sent money & I sent him Yoyo! I will update you on results…

:star:️ Thank you all… You all are like a big family watching out for each other…I sincerely appreciate all the responses!
Time will tell us…!

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Swain paid me via Pay Pal as requested and amount requested but did not account for fee’s…
I sent him box that cost me $22.50 to ship to Tunisia…I will keep posted on progress and completion when final guys! Thank you so,much for watching out too…YYE Forum rocks!

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I really try to avoid international shipping, it is a bear.

Still waiting on the Quake, 15 days since “Shipped”, and 17 days since payment sent.

No tracking…

Same, I have asked for a picture of the receipt for shipment proof and have not received anything yet. I did send my money Goods and Services, so I can request a refund if needed. I am giving it some more time before I jump to any conclusions. I did purchase a Banshee and Cadence at 140 for the two. I know that international can take some time, but I am also wondering how long is appropriate to wait without any proof of shipment. I have asked for a copy of the receipt a few times now (he says he has it on record though)


Same, he told me something along the lines of “you probably wouldn’t be able to read it anyways” … guess I’m just a dumb American.

Staying positive though. Quoted me 2-5 week ship time.

Yeah, I’ll give it another week or so myself.

For other’s stopping by, I’m not trying to say he didn’t ship the item, but just sharing my current experience. He probably did ship it. I would just feel a little better seeing a receipt for a purchase of that level (esp. given that there is no tracking).

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Same, even if I cannot read it; Or a picture of the package with our shipping address on it. Something reassuring.

I’ll be honest with you, this is not looking good to me at the moment. However, I’m very surprised that @rockstar got paid to send a yoyo and that’s inconsistent with scammer behavior… so…

I have sent him a pm asking (now for the third time) for some kind of proof of shipment. I will initiate a refund request to PayPal if he is unable to provide anything by the end of the week. @Applepooh I recommend you do the same.

I should also add that the first two PayPal’s that he gave me would not accept money for some reason. I’ll keep you updated on what happens.

This doesn’t sound good, the name on the PayPal I sent to is Allen A. (I put just the first initial of the last name in this post as to not give out his identity Incase he’s legit) BUT he signed his corrrspondences with Leon…